Cytotoxic Potential of Purified Arginine Deiminase from Streptococcus spp


  • Rusul Madhat Abdullah
  • Ruqaya Mohammed Al-Ezzy
  • Asmaa Ali Hussain



Streptococcus spp., arginine deaminase, DEAE- cellulose, chromotography.


The results that presented in the study were based on collecting one hundred and ten clinical samples of oral
cavity, burns and wounds. Primary and secondary diagnositic showed that 14 out of these isolates belonged
to Streptococcus spp.. The ability of these isolates in arginine deiminase enzyme production was screened
and the results showed that these isolates were arginine deiminase producers with variable degrees. It has
been found that one of these isolates which were Streptococcus mitis S5 had the highest specific activity
(0.184 U/mg protein), therefore it was chosen for further study. Results of the optimum conditions for
arginine deaminase production reveal that the maximum arginine deaminase production was achieved after
supplementation of the production medium (pH 7.5) with 1% maltose as carbon source, 1.2% tryptone as
nitrogen source, 30mM as arginine concentration and incubated at 37ºC for 18h. Under these conditions,
ADI purified in three steps including; precipitation with 70% saturated ammonium sulphate, dialysis then ion
exchange chromatography using DEAE- cellulose column and the last step was gel filtration chromatography
throughout Sephadex G150 column. Specific activity of the purified enzyme was increased up to 18 U/mg
with 5 folds of purification and 70.8 % enzyme recovery.

Author Biographies

Rusul Madhat Abdullah

Post Graduate, College of Biotechnology/Al-Nahrain University/Iraq

Ruqaya Mohammed Al-Ezzy

Assist Prof dr.,  College of Biotechnology/Al-Nahrain University/Iraq

Asmaa Ali Hussain

Prof. Dr./ College of Biotechnology/Al-Nahrain University/Iraq



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Abdullah, R. M. ., Al-Ezzy, R. M. ., & Hussain, A. A. . (2021). Cytotoxic Potential of Purified Arginine Deiminase from Streptococcus spp. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 1066-1074.