Assessment for Common Causes of Burn Injuries Patients at Al-Imam Al-Sadiq Hospital


  • Wefaqq Mahdi Hadi
  • Shatha Saadi Mohammad



Assessment , Causes , Burn injury Patients.


Background: Burn injury remain one of the commonest forms of injury and account for a significant
proportion of trauma cases in hospital emergencies worldwide. In the United States, up to 1.2 million
people experience burn injuries each year.However, continue to cause devastating morbidity and significant
Methodology: A descriptive analytic study design is carried out to explore the common causes of burn
injuries among patient which conducted at AL-Imam AL-Sadiq Hospital for the period (15/1/2020-
15/3/2020). Non-probability Convenient sample consisted of (50) patients who admitted to the Burn Center
is selected through the used probability sample approach.
Result: (50) subject who participated in this study their age ranged from (20-29) years old and constituted
(40.0%) of the study sample. Concerning gender, most burned participants were female, which composed
(78.0%) and lives in urban areas (60.0%) out total number. Twenty-eight percent were primary school
graduated and sixty six were married they work as students.
Conclusion: common causes of burn as maximum incidence of burn injury seen in females in adult age
group from (20-29) years old and lives in urban area. Most burned patients were primary school graduated
and they were married and were burned by flame with moderate in severity.
Recommendation: Development of strategy for burn prevention by the Ministry of Health because it is
better way that makes people more aware and cautious when dealing with risks and preventing as much as
possible exposure to risks and injuries.

Author Biographies

Wefaqq Mahdi Hadi

Assistant Lecturer, University of Babylon, College of Nursing

Shatha Saadi Mohammad

Dr. Assistant Prof., University of Babylon, College of Nursing



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Hadi, W. M. ., & Mohammad, S. S. . (2021). Assessment for Common Causes of Burn Injuries Patients at Al-Imam Al-Sadiq Hospital. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 1182-1187.