Teachers’ Knowledge Regarding Child Maltreatment in Elementary Schools at Mosul City /Iraq


  • Luay Amjed Mahmood Al-Waly
  • Iqbal Ghanim Ali Ma’ala




Child Maltreatment Teachers , Knowledge.


Objective: The study aim to assess the teachers knowledge level about child maltreatment in elementary
schools at Mosul city /Iraq.
Methodology: A descriptive study design was chosen to fulfill the objectives of this research which was
conducted in sixty elementary schools inside of Mosul city/Iraq during the period from 1 October 2019
till 30 May 2020. The study sample consists of (60) elementary schools teachers was selected by nonprobability
(Purposive) sample from (60) schools inside Mosul city . The questionnaire data was filled by
the teachers in a face-to-face direct interview. Different statistical processing was conducted by the use of
version 23 SPSS statistical package
Result: The result showed 63.3 % of teachers have poor knowledge regarding child maltreatment and
there is a significant relationship between the education levels of the elementary school teachers and their
knowledge about child maltreatment and there is no statistically significant relationship with other like the
socio-demographical variables.
Conclusion: Need for enhancing teacher’s knowledge because the teachers in the elementary schools in
Mosul city do not have appropriate and adequate knowledge about child maltreatment.
Recommendations: The researchers recommend design and implement different educational programs for
teachers based on needs assessment concerning child maltreatment (e.g., definition, types, causes, signs/
manifestations, methods like initial detection of a child at high risk, communication, management, etc.) to
promote child health and development.

Author Biographies

Luay Amjed Mahmood Al-Waly

Assist Lect, University of Mosul, College of Nursing, Iraq

Iqbal Ghanim Ali Ma’ala

Professor, University of Baghdad, College of Nursing, Iraq



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Mahmood Al-Waly, L. A. ., & Ali Ma’ala, I. G. . (2021). Teachers’ Knowledge Regarding Child Maltreatment in Elementary Schools at Mosul City /Iraq. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 1279-1284. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i3.15487