Effect of Video Games on Psychological Development of the Child in Primary Schools in Baghdad


  • Siham A. Hammo




Video Games, Psychological Development, Baghdad


Objectives: To review scientific studies of the effect of video games on child psychological development.
And to examine the evidence that playing video games plays a role on child psychological development.
Design: A descriptive analytical study starting from December 2016 to May 2017 such an assessment
approach is apply to achieve the objectives of the study.
Methodology: A simple random sample of 300 students selected from a probability-stratified sample of
primary school for both sexes in Baghdad Al – Rasafa, starting from December 2016 to May 2017. A
questionnaire constructed for the purpose of the present study throughout a review of relevant literature,
previous studies and consultation from panel of experts. To begin, answer the questions using the scale, Know,
Uncertain, Don’t Know. The questionnaire consist of two main parts, Part one included the demographic
information (15) items, part two included the items of psychological effect which consist of (13) items.
The overall items which were included in the questionnaire were (28) items. Reliability and validity of the
questionnaire were determined through a pilot study. Data collected using the questionnaire from
February 27 2017 to 14th of March 2017 through the utilization of the semi - structured technique as a
mean of data collection. Data analyzed through descriptive statistical data analysis approach (frequency,
percentage and mean) and inferential statistical data analysis approach.
Results: The results showed that the effect of video games on the psychological development of the child
had a mild significant effect resulting from playing video games.
Conclusion: It is clear that the effect of video game is a serious problem for the generation of children and
future builders in our society, when there is no aware towards the impact of the problem.

Recommendation: Educating children about media effects generally and about video game effects
specifically, so that children can learn to make informed choices. In addition, encouraging children to play
pro-social and educational video games in preference to violent games.

Author Biography

Siham A. Hammo

Dr., BSN. MSP. DPR, PhD, Psychiatric Mental Health Nsg.\ Specialist, High Health Institute\ Baghdad al russafa



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