Aerobic Exercise and Omega 3 Supplementation to Reduce Primary Dysmenorrhea (Literature Review)


  • Novadri Ayubi
  • Dhea Regita Sastika Putri



Omega 3, Aerobic exercise, primary dysmenorrhea


Background: Primary dysmenorrhea is menstrual pain that is felt in the absence of organic disease.
Hypersecretion of prostaglandins, especially PGF2a and PGE2 and increased uterine contractility are the
main causes of primary dysmenorrhea during menstruation in women. Omega 3 can reduce menstrual pain
by reducing levels of prostaglandins during menstruation. besides aerobic exercise can be done as one way
to reduce the severity of primary dysmenorrhea.
Methods: This study used a literature review method using comprehensive strategies such as searching for
articles in research journal databases, searching through the internet, reviewing articles. The data database
search used was Proquest, Pubmed,, Elsevier journal. The inclusion criteria in this study
are British journals that discuss physiology, omega 3, aerobic exercise, and primary dysmenorrhea. The
exclusion criteria in this study were international journals that had been published over the last 5 years in
Result: Based on a review of research results, it is clear that regular aerobic exercise can significantly reduce
primary dysmenorrhea due to increased progesterone. Omega 3 supplementation can significantly reduce
primary dysmenorrhea because it can inhibit prostaglandin production
Conclusion: Aerobic exercise and omega 3 supplementation can reduce primary dysmenorrhea during

Author Biographies

Novadri Ayubi

Master Program of Sport Health Science, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia

Dhea Regita Sastika Putri

Bachelor Program of Midwifery, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya,Indonesia



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