Nutritional Assessment of Patients with Liver Cirrhosis in GIT and Liver Hospital, Baghdad, 2020


  • Saif M. Badr
  • Nawal M. Alkhalidi
  • Mohsin Ahmed Aldelfi
  • Jawad K. Al-Diwan



Nutritional assessment. Hepatic cirrhosis. Protein-Energy Malnutrition. Alcoholism energy malnutrition. Alcoholism.


Introduction: Liver cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver does not function properly due to long-term
damage which is characterized by the replacement of normal liver tissue by scar tissue.
Patients and Methods: Cross-sectional study to a group of patients with liver cirrhosis. The data collection
was done between September 25 to November 2020 at the GI and Liver Center in Baghdad Medical City.
Convenient sample were chosen and each one was examined individually by a questionnaire designed for
this purpose. Body wight and height was measured, body mass index (BMI) was calculated for each one of
Results: The mean BMI for both genders were within normal range (25±4.86), it was higher in males
(25.8±4.56) than in females (22.79±5.11). Underweight was observed in 4 cases (6.7%), Normal BMI was
recorded in 25 (41%) of cases, overweight was seen in 20 (33.3%) of patients and 15% was obese while only
two patients were extremely obese (3.3%), there was no significant difference for BMI between genders.
Mean energy intake was 1575.32±381.3 which had a high significant difference compared to recommended
Discussion: This study had shown that mean age is (54.4±13.14). Poor nutritional status is related to worse
prognosis and increases the mortality rates in liver cirrhosis, malnutrition is usual in patients and associated
with poor outcome. Nutritional support decreases nutrition associated complication. Current study revealed
that (51.6 %) of the subjects were alcoholic. The study showed that most of the patients found to take
balanced diet (38, 63.3%) compared to patients take unbalanced diet (22, 36.7%).
Conclusion: Most of the patients had malnutrition. The patients need to enhance their knowledge about
nutrition-related issues as a part of strategies to avoid nutritional inadequacies.Patients had modified diet
that does not meet with their nutritional needs in regarding to their health status.Energy adequacy is present
in more than half had lower than recommended.

Author Biographies

Saif M. Badr

MBChB.FABCS.CM/ Clinical Nutrition Fellowship, GaziAlhariri Teaching Hospital /Iraq

Nawal M. Alkhalidi

MBChB.CA MB. FICMS (H, &GE)/ Consultant Hepatic and GIT, Liver &GIT Hospital, Iraq

Mohsin Ahmed Aldelfi

MBChB.FIBMS.CM/Clinical Nutrition Fellowship, GaziAlhariri Teaching Hospital /Iraq

Jawad K. Al-Diwan

MB ChB, MSc, DCN, FIBMS, FFPH, Department of Community Medicine/ Baghdad College of Medicine



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Badr, S. M., Alkhalidi, N. M. ., Aldelfi, M. A. ., & Al-Diwan, J. K. . (2021). Nutritional Assessment of Patients with Liver Cirrhosis in GIT and Liver Hospital, Baghdad, 2020. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 1552-1557.

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