Analysis of Rehospitalization of Preterm and Term Infants in First Month of Life


  • Athba Alaa Madhloom
  • Sijal Fadhil Farhood Al-Joborae



patints; infants; health care; feeding problems


Background: rehospitalization of preterm and term neonates was planned readmission to the hospital within
30 days post birth discharge prematurity is the main reasons of neonatal illness and death in concentrated
care units universal. The aim of study to study the reasons of rehospitalization of preterm plus term infants
in first month of life and analyze the reasons of rehospitalization in relation to infantile and maternal sociodemographic
and medical characteristics. Method: It is descriptive cross sectional study in hospital on
200 preterm and term infants who were be concerned in the neonatal care units in Babylon Maternity
and Pediatrics Hospital, Imam Sadik General Teaching Hospital. Results: 200 cases of preterm and term
neonates were screened and enrolled in the study. The mean and standard deviation of current maternal age
and maternal age at marriage in year were (25.88 ± 7.89) , (20.82 ± 5.56) respectively. 45% of neonates
with birth weight less than 2500 Kg, 48.5% of neonates with gestational age of less than 37 weeks, 35% of
neonates were admitted due to prematurity at first admission , 53.5% of neonatal rehospitalizations was due
to jaundice. The second cause of rehospitalization was infection in 26.5% of neonates, this study found that
3.5% of neonatal readmission were due to surgical follow up , 62% of rehospitalized neonates the cause is
medical follow up. Conclusion: Jaundice was the major cause of readmission to hospital in both term and
preterm neonates. The relation between preterm and early admission (particularly for jaundice and feeding
problems) was well documented.

Author Biographies

Athba Alaa Madhloom

Post graduate, Babylon Health Director, MOH/Iraq

Sijal Fadhil Farhood Al-Joborae

Prof., Babylon University/College of Medicine/Iraq



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Madhloom, A. A. ., & Farhood Al-Joborae, S. F. . (2021). Analysis of Rehospitalization of Preterm and Term Infants in First Month of Life. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 1578-1584.