Histopathological Pattern of Surgically Treated Thyroid Diseases


  • Aiad Abdullah Abdulrazak




Thyroid, Histopathology, pathology


Background: Thyroid diseases are quite common and clinically important not only because they affect
the functions of other organs but also since most cases are eminently treatable. The incidence of thyroid
diseases varies from one geographical region to another. he present study was carried out to identify the
histopathological pattern of surgically treated thyroid disease in our setup and their frequency in relation to
age and sex of the patients and to compare our findings with similar works in Iraq and globally.
Materials and Methods: Total of 97 thyroidectomy case from Tikrit provine, Iraqwere included in this
study. Clinical, gross, and histopathological data were reviewed and analyzed.
Results: Most of thyroid lesions were encountered at the age of 31-40 years. The most common thyroid
lesion is multinodular goiter (40.21%). All thyroid diseases were more common in women than in men
with a male to female ratio of 1:5.93. Neoplastic lesions were found in 12.37% of cases (7.22% follicular
adenoma; 5.15% thyroid carcinoma).
Conclusion: Results of this study are comparable with several studies on thyroid diseases in other areas
of Iraq and globally. Multinodular goiter need to be prevented by appropriate measures since Multinodular
goiter of prolonged duration in iodine deficient areas poses a risk factor for the development of follicular

Author Biography

Aiad Abdullah Abdulrazak

Assistant Professor of Pathology, Department of Pathology, Tikrit College of Medicine, University of Tikrit, Iraq



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