Early Complications after Thyroid Surgery


  • Balsam Waleed Hussain Al-Askari




Thyroid surgery, Tension haematoma, Hypocalcaemia, Wound infection


Background: In this study we shall deal with the early complications after thyroid surgery and compare the
complication rate with the extent of resection (subtotal, near total and total thyroidectomy).
Patients and Methods: Early complications after thyroid surgery were studied in A prospective study in
One hundred patients. Data was collected in the pre-designed proforma. And they are classified according
to age and sex of the patients, clinical conditions and training state of the surgeon. Descriptive statistics was
used to calculate frequency of each complication in the early post-thyroidectomy period.
Results: Most of the patients were females and lie at the (30-39) age group. Clinically, most of them
are presented with simple multinodular goitre. Subtotal thyroidectomy is the most commonly used type
of resection. The frequency of complications after total thyroidectomy is more than other types. And
identification of the (RLN) will minimize the incidence of injury. These complications were (4%) tension
haematoma, (11%) hypocalcaemia, (4%) respiratory obstruction, (8%) developed recurrent laryngeal nerve
paralysis, (2%) superior laryngeal nerve paralysis, and (1%) wound infection. Surgeon’
s experience is so
important, in which there is less complications when the operation is performed by a consultant surgeon.
Conclusions: Surgery may be associated with significant numbers of post-operative complications according
to the type of surgery. Total thyroidectomy confers certain advantages over less extended procedures, but it is
associated with higher morbidity. Due to the risk of an unsuspected malignancy and goiter relapse following
conservative surgery and increased risk of complications following reoperation, total thyroidectomy is
emerging as an attractive surgical option.

Author Biography

Balsam Waleed Hussain Al-Askari

Doctor at Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq



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