COVID 19 and Health Systems’ Economy in Western Balkan Societies


  • Ermir Shahini
  • Fabiola Bali



Monetary, Equity, Dramatic, Dove, Banter


The researcher is outlined to have a beginning stage for an exploration plan for health financing for
COVID-19, recognizing a preliminary addressing four thematic areas, namely mobilization of results,
allocation and buying, monetary danger insurance (financial risk protection) equity, and maintaining and
empowering advancement for UHC. Every question would require further elaboration and unpacking, with
an improvement of proper exploration approaches utilizing a combination of quantitative and qualitative
methods. While there is a requirement for fitting of research questions and country-specific analyses to
advise local decision-making, there will likewise be incredible worth in bigger cross-country similar
examination activities to address these inquiries, permitting finding out about how various frameworks,
settings, qualities, and reactions to the plague have shaped health financing results and how these can be
reinforced. The results show that heterogeneous effects across occupations and workers in the Western
Balkan Societies show that health care occupations that have a higher share of workers working remotely
were less affected by COVID-19. Those who did take full measures were more affected.
On the other hand, occupations with relatively more workers working in proximity to others were more
dramatic. The investigation also dove into the research related to the financial matters of COVID-19 that
has been delivered in a relatively short time. The aim is to carry rationality(coherence) to the academic and
strategy banter and help further examine.

Author Biographies

Ermir Shahini

Vice Dean of Business Faculty, Economics Lecturer, University of ‘Aleksander Moisiu’, Durres 14,2001,Rruga
Currila, Durres, Albania

Fabiola Bali

Medical Doctor, General Practitioner, University of Medicine, Tirana, Rruga e
”Dibrës” Nr. 371, AL1005 - Tiranë



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Ermir Shahini, & Fabiola Bali. (2021). COVID 19 and Health Systems’ Economy in Western Balkan Societies. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 2176-2182.

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