The Impact of COVID 19 In Digital Currencies Focused in Western Balkan Societies


  • Ermir Shahini
  • Fabiola Bali
  • Fatbardh Sallaku
  • Shpend Shahini
  • Ermira Kalaj
  • Elti Shahini



Cryptocurrency, COVID-19, digital currencies, financial stability


Virtual communities’ emergence and innovative technologies bring up new types of accounting and
transaction methods. These methods go beyond the existing economics knowledge and current legal
solutions. Virtual societies develop and share their payment medium for goods and services exchange. The
use of cryptocurrency has been enhanced during the COVID -19 era due to the health guidelines to minimize
the virus’s spread. Cryptocurrencies bridge the loopholes left by the traditional currency in sorting crises like
the Corona Virus pandemic. However, cryptocurrency brings up legal controversies that users are exposed
to economic and legal risks.

Author Biographies

Ermir Shahini

Vice Dean of Business Faculty, Economics Lecturer University of ‘Aleksander Moisiu’, Durres, 14,2001,Rruga
Currila, Durres, Albania

Fabiola Bali

Medical Doctor, General Practitioner, University of Medicine, Tirana, Rruga e
”Dibrës” Nr. 371, AL1005 – Tiranë,

Fatbardh Sallaku

Department of Environment and Natural Resources Agricultural University
of Tirana, 1000 Tirana, Albania

Shpend Shahini

Prof. Department of Plant Protection, Agricultural University of Tirana, 1000
Tirana, Albania

Ermira Kalaj

Associate Professor, Economics Lecturer, University of ‘Luigj Gurakuqi’ Shkoda

Elti Shahini

Msc Master of
Science in Public Administration University of Aleksander Moisiu, 14,2001, Rruga Currila, Durres, Albania



How to Cite

Ermir Shahini, Fabiola Bali, Fatbardh Sallaku, Shpend Shahini, Ermira Kalaj, & Elti Shahini. (2021). The Impact of COVID 19 In Digital Currencies Focused in Western Balkan Societies. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 2516-2520.

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