Risk Factors of Recurrent Febrile Convulsions in Children in AL-batool Teaching Hospital


  • Hailah Othman Habeeb




Febrile seizures, central nervous system, Risk factors for recurrent febrile convulsion.


Background: Febrile seizures are the most common convulsive disorder in infants and children. Its occur
between the age of 6 and 60 mo.There are two type of febrile convulsion simple and complex; A simple
febrile seizure is a primary generalized, usually tonic-clonic, attack associated with fever, lasting for a
maximum of 15 min, and not recurrent within a 24-hour period. A complex febrile seizure is more prolonged
(>15 min), focal, and/or recurs within 24 hr .
Aim of the study: To identify the risk factors for recurrence of febrile convulsions in children.
Materials and Methods: This was a case-controlled study done at Al Batool teaching hospital .Study
conducted over a period of five months , from August 2018 to December 2018 . All children with febrile
seizure belonging to age group of 6 months to 6 years were included in the study.
Results : Compared to children with first attack of febrile convulsion, children with recurrent seizures were
younger at onset (12_24mo.) (26% vs. 54%), mainly male (72% vs. 62%) and had more often family history
(second degree relative), low degree of temperature (78% vs. 36%),simple febrile convulsion (52% vs.
68%),duration of fever less than12 hours (78% vs. 70%), and frequent febrile illnesses (74% vs. 20%). first
degree family history of febrile convulsion and family history of epilepsy were not significant risk factors.
Conclusions: The risk factors associated with increased incidence of recurrence FC are: male sex, age
between12_24 months at the onset of the first FC, family history of FC in a second degree relative, duration
of fever <12 hours ,simple type of convulsion &frequent attack of febrile illness(>4per year).

Author Biography

Hailah Othman Habeeb

Lectural doctor/M.B.Ch.B–F.I.C.MS/P/Department of Pediatrics- College of Medicine-Diyala University-Diyala,



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