Appropriate Technology of Organic Waste Composting with Activator Bioinokulen Rumen Cow Em4 and Em4


  • Sunaryo



Garbage, activator, cattle rumen, composting


Intruduction:The waste problem in Indonesia is the large amount of garbage waste, the lack of landfills and
waste processing facilities, resulting in a source of pollution and endangering health. In Ponorogo Regency
in the last three years, garbage has accumulated reaching 149 m3 / day with a percentage of the amount
of organic waste amounting to 44.76%. Methods: This type of research is True Experimental, Posttest-
Only Control design. The study used 80 ml cattle rumen activator, 80 ml EM4 activator, compost mixture
activator with 60 ml EM4 + 20 ml livestock rumen activator mixture and 20 ml EM4 + 60 ml cattle rumen
activator, and without activator (control) assessed the level of compost maturity and for tested the NPK
levels and the C / N ratio. The raw material is 3 kg of organic waste with 5 times replication, so that 25
fruit samples are needed and 75 kg of organic waste material. Results: The results showed that the compost
concentration was the same as the activator cattle rumen 80 ml, 80 ml EM4, and 60 ml EM4 + 20 ml cattle
rumen ripened faster with an average time of 17 days. The results of the measurement of chemical quality
compost have the best chemical content of SNI 19-7030-2004 compost activator 60 ml + 20 ml EM4 cattle
rumen. Conclusions: The conclusion of research on the composting process of waste to be more effective
requires an activator material. In addition to the activator material, it is necessary to pay attention to the
quality of the activator material.

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Lecture, Environmental Health Department of Health Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health, Surabaya



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Sunaryo. (2021). Appropriate Technology of Organic Waste Composting with Activator Bioinokulen Rumen Cow Em4 and Em4. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 4364-4369.