Psychological Distress among Caregivers of Children with Down Syndrome at Al Najaf Province


  • Ahmed Burhan Abdulameer
  • Arafat Hussein Al-Dujaili



Psychological Distress, Caregivers, Children, Down Syndrome


Psychological Distress has recently been shown to have a negative impact on caregivers, but there has been
little longitudinal research on this subject. A sample (61) caregivers of children with Down Syndrome have
been selected Al-Najaf Province centers. The researcher adapts and modifies the questionnaire to fulfill
the study’s objectives .The results of the study revealed that caregivers of children with DS have severe
level of psychological distress(38.7%). There is a significant relationship (P < 0.05) between Psychological
Distress and some of the socio-demographic characteristics (child age , family member and trainings about
down syndrome). The present study recommends providing families with Educational programs to increase
parents knowledge about etiology, signs and symptom and treatment of stress and Providing scientific
booklet, publication and journal about stress. In addition to increasing schools and institutes specialized in
educating children with Down syndrome, as they are few in the province of Najaf, and some of them are far
from their places of residence

Author Biographies

Ahmed Burhan Abdulameer

Research Scholar, Faculty of Nursing, University of Kufa, Iraq,

Arafat Hussein Al-Dujaili

Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of
Kufa, Iraq




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Ahmed Burhan Abdulameer, & Arafat Hussein Al-Dujaili. (2021). Psychological Distress among Caregivers of Children with Down Syndrome at Al Najaf Province. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 288–293.