Risk factors of Prostate Enlargement among Patients with History of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms


  • Mazin AnwerYadgar Al-Obaidi
  • Abid Ahmad Salman Al-Mahmood
  • Suha Karam Jameel
  • Azzawi M Hadi




Prostate enlargement; Riskfactors; lower urinary tract symptoms(LUTS)


Background: Prostate enlargement is defined as increase in size of prostate gland. The diseasemay be
presented clinically as lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). The disease is increasing with age. There are
many risk factors as age, genetic, geographical, obesity, physical activity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension.
Subjects and Method: A descriptive study was conducted on patients with lower urinary tract symptoms
who were attending Tikrit teaching hospital outpatient’s clinic during the period from 1st July -1st
October2018. The demographic characterestics of patients were obtained according to a questionnaire and
the patients were examined clinically to determine if there was enlargement of prostate or not. The diagnoses
was confirmed by PR and ultrasound examination.Results: The frequency of among sample study was
(83%). The cases were more prevalent among the followings:age group 60 years and more(94.3%), positive
family history(89.7%),low physical activity (93.4%%) ,hypertensives (87.4%) and with those with erectile
dysfunction (94.9%).

Author Biographies

Mazin AnwerYadgar Al-Obaidi

Assist Prof, Urosurgery, College of Medicine, Tikrit, Iraq

Abid Ahmad Salman Al-Mahmood

Prof Community Medicine , College of Medicine,Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq

Suha Karam Jameel

Specialist, Tikrit Health Center Office

Azzawi M Hadi

Prof College of medicine, Ninevah University, Department of Surgery




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Mazin AnwerYadgar Al-Obaidi, Abid Ahmad Salman Al-Mahmood, Suha Karam Jameel, & Azzawi M Hadi. (2021). Risk factors of Prostate Enlargement among Patients with History of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 565–571. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i4.16762