Knowledge of Healthcare Providers toward New Corona Virus at Directorate of Military Medical Affairs Units


  • Muhammed Hussein Ali
  • Wasnaa Jomaa Mohammed



Coronavirus; Healthcare Providers, Knowledge


Background: Coronavirus is a rapidly spreading disease also known as COVID-19. The epidemic is caused
by a new human coronavirus, previously known as (SARS-COV-2), new coronavirus disease it first appeared
in December 2019 among patients who had symptoms of viral pneumonia in Wuhan, China. This study aims
to determine healthcare providers’ knowledge related to coronavirus.
Methods: A descriptive design is carried throughout the present study Directorate of Military Medical Affairs
Units (Al- Muthanna Military Hospital, Al-Hussein military Hospital, Al-Shaheed Mubder Military Clinic,
Al-Naser Military Clinic, Military Medical School) for the period from January 28th, 2021 to February
25th, 2021. The study included a non-probability “purposive” sample of (223) health care providers. The
questionnaire encompasses two main parts (Health Care Providers Socio-Demographic Characteristics, and
Health Care Providers’ knowledge’s Tool).
Data were analyzed using the statistical package for social science. The descriptive statistical measures of
frequency, percent, mean, Relative Sufficiency, Percentile Grand Mean of Score, Percentile Global Mean of
Score, Pooled Standard Deviation, and Grand/or Global Relative range, standard deviation, and inferential
statistical measures of T-test, Chi-Square test, Binomial test, Mann-Whitney test, Contingency Coefficients
test, and Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test.
Results: The study results showed that half of the study participants depend on their information about the
studied diseases on the “Center for Disease Control of the World Health Organization”, then 158 (70.9%)
depend on government websites and official media, then 109 (48.9%) depend on news media about 148
(66.4%) rely on Social media. About 26(11.7%) rely on Journals” only.
Conclusion: The researchers concluded that the overall evaluation of healthcare providers’ knowledge is

Recommendation: The researchers recommend that there is a need to conduct further studies on larger
sample at the national level with the need for an educational program to increase the knowledge of health
care providers about Corona virus in military medicine.

Author Biographies

Muhammed Hussein Ali

MScN(C), University of Baghdad, College of Nursing, Community Health Nursing Department, Baghdad, Iraq

Wasnaa Jomaa Mohammed

Assistant Professor, University of Baghdad, College of Nursing, Basic Sciences Department, Baghdad, Iraq




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Muhammed Hussein Ali, & Wasnaa Jomaa Mohammed. (2021). Knowledge of Healthcare Providers toward New Corona Virus at Directorate of Military Medical Affairs Units. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 1297–1303.