Effect of Noise on General Health Status of Electrical Generator Workers in Iraq


  • Mohammed Fakhri Azeez
  • Fatima Wanas Khudair2
  • Ali A. Al-Fahham




Noise , GHQ-28 , General Health Status , Generator Workers


Electrical generators in Iraq have been a series problem regarding occupational and environmental pollution.
The current study aimed to determine the level of general health status among generator workers in Al
Diwaniyah City Iraq, and its correlation with noise and demographic data . A descriptive cross-sectional
design was conducted in the current study . It was carried out at the private electrical generators in
A-Diwaniyah City from the period between the 15th of October 2020 until the 15th of March 2021 . A
purposive study of 150 generator workers has been selected .General health was determined by General
Health questionnaire (GHQ-28) which is comprised of 28 items, and include four aspects : somatic, social
, depression and anxiety . Noise intensity level was measured by sound level meter (SLM) . The results of
the present study revealed that average level of noise intensity inside the workers’ room was (78.12 db) ;
while it was (104.14 db) near the generator . The results also showed that the assessment of most domain
(social, depression, and anxiety) was moderate, except for somatic domain which it was good . There was a
significant negative correlation between noise and depression and anxiety . It has been concluded that : Most
of the generator workers showed a moderate level of general health status ; Most of the generators workers
had moderate level for anxiety, depression and social aspects ; Noise intensities inside the generator rooms
exceeds the upper limits accepted for human health .

Author Biographies

  • Mohammed Fakhri Azeez

    Research Scholar , Faculty of Nursing, University of Kufa, University of Kufa, Iraq

  • Fatima Wanas Khudair2

    Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq

  • Ali A. Al-Fahham

    Assistant Professor, Basic Sciences Department, Faculty of Nursing,University of Kufa, Iraq




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