Self-management of Elderly Patients with Osteoarthritic Knee on Recovery Outcomes


  • Magda M. Mohsen
  • Nabila E.Sabola
  • Nagwa I. El-khayat
  • Entsar A. Abd El-Salam



Elderly, Knee osteoarthritis, Self-management, recovery outcomes.


Background: Knee osteoarthritis accounts for almost four fifths of the burden of worldwide. It is the leading
cause of mobility impairment, disability and loss of function in older adults. This study aimed to examine the
effectiveness of self-management of elderly patients with osteoarthritic knee on recovery outcomes.
Material and methods: A quasi- experimental design was utilized to conduct this study. The study was
carried out at outpatient clinic of Shebin- Elkom University and Educational Hospital, and then they were
following up at their homes. 100 elderly patients were selected who met inclusion and exclusion criteria.A
constructed interviewing questionnaire, arthritis self-efficacy scale, and Western Ontario and McMaster
Universities Osteoarthritis (WOMAC) index were used to collect the data.
Results: there was increase in the mean total pain self-efficacy score, and other symptoms self-efficacy
score in study group than control group.There was decrease in the mean total physical function WOMAC
score in study group than control group after intervention.
Conclusion: Implementation of self-management for elderly patients was effective in management
symptoms of knee osteoarthritis among study group compared to control group.

Author Biographies

Magda M. Mohsen

Prof. of Family and Community Health Nursing, Egypt

Nabila E.Sabola

Prof. of Family and Community Health Nursing,Egypt

Nagwa I. El-khayat

Assist.Lecturer of Geriatric Nursing, Menoufia University-Egypt

Entsar A. Abd El-Salam

Assist. Prof. of Geriatric Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University-Egypt




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Magda M. Mohsen, Nabila E.Sabola, Nagwa I. El-khayat, & Entsar A. Abd El-Salam. (2021). Self-management of Elderly Patients with Osteoarthritic Knee on Recovery Outcomes. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 1670–1678.