Study of Causes of Death, Histopathological and Microbiological Changes in Cases of Burns Brought for Autopsy at Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal


  • Rajendra Kumar Mourya
  • Priyamvada Kurveti Verma
  • Garima
  • Pawan Rathor
  • Dheeraj Singh Verma



burns, cause of death, septicemia, histopathology, culture.


Death may occur immediately after burns or may get delayed for days & weeks, where burns may not be the
actual cause of death; but its sequels & its complications leads to death. In such cases, determination of exact
cause of death may be difficult. Hence, this study was aimed to find out the causes of death in burn cases
during autopsy utilizing histopathology and microbiology & its comparison with clinical causes of death. All
cases of burns autopsied at Gandhi Medical College & associated Hamidia Hospital Bhopal, for a period of
1.6 years were included in the study.
Out of 100 cases included, 45 (45.00%) showed the cause of death as septicemia, followed by hypovolemic
shock in 30 (30.00%) cases, hypovolemic shock with acute renal failure seen in 4% cases. Bronchopneumonia
was seen in 29% cases, out of which 12% cases were associated with septicemia. Multiple Organ Failure
with septicemia was seen in 11% cases and in 2 (2.00%) cases of spot death; cause was neurogenic shock
with asphyxia.
On histopathological examination, lungs revealed congestion and alveolar edema in 48% cases; Liver
showed sinusoidal congestion in (39 %) cases; Kidneys showed hydropic degeneration of tubules in 62 %
cases; being the most common findings. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was the commonest isolate, 61% in blood
and 47% in pus culture.So, there is need of strict and 100% implementation of aseptic measures in burn
wards, along with adequate supply of appropriate drugs specially antibiotics to the all hospitals.

Author Biographies

Rajendra Kumar Mourya

Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Government Medical College, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, Ex- resident

Priyamvada Kurveti Verma

Associate Professor, 5Demonstrator; Department of Forensic Medicine and
Toxicology, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal


Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal

Pawan Rathor

Ex-Resident, Department of Pathology, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Presently

Dheeraj Singh Verma

Medical Officer, District Hospital, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh



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Rajendra Kumar Mourya, Priyamvada Kurveti Verma, Garima, Pawan Rathor, & Dheeraj Singh Verma. (2021). Study of Causes of Death, Histopathological and Microbiological Changes in Cases of Burns Brought for Autopsy at Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 2230-2236.

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