Management of Urolithiasis in Cat with Special Diets


  • Steven Taufic Leo
  • Lita Rakhma Yustinasari
  • Juliano Mwenda Ntoruru



cat, struvite, dissolution diets therapy, urolithiasis


Introduction: The current study is focused on the treatment of a cat with urolithiasis. The main goal is to
help provide a greater understanding of how to treat the cat with special diets.
Case Description: Struvite urolithiasis was found in a 3-year-old female domestic short-haired cat with
the complaint of straining for a week during urination. Ultrasonographs indicated the existence of two
calculi in the bladder that were also detected by radiographic examination (7 mm in diameter each). Bladder
stones were getting smaller by dissolution diets therapy. In this case, the cat was treated by melox 1.5 mg/
ml (dosage 0.1 mg/kgBW) for 14 days, tramadol for 28 days (2mg/kg BW) and also special diets (struvite).
Conclusion: After a month treatment,the stones were almost cannot be seen radiographically. This report
describes a cat with urolithiasis case which was successfully treated with special diets for struvite without
any surgery.

Author Biographies

  • Steven Taufic Leo

    Veterinary Practitioner, Sunset Vet Clinic, Kuta Bali, Indonesia

  • Lita Rakhma Yustinasari

    Lecturer, Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia

  • Juliano Mwenda Ntoruru

    Research Assistant, Meru University of Science and Technology, Kenya




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