The Application Program of Smoking Free University Policy Campaign in Sisaket Rajabhat University


  • Tanaprat Thuksin
  • Chuthamat Nopparat
  • Tanapat Sriwarom



smoking free university, policy campaign, non-smoking area


Background:These policy campaign were developed inlaw enforcement protection a non-smoking for
smoking freeuniversityby students union president.Method:This quasi-experimental research aimed to
evaluate the application program of smoking free university policy campaign. To study the effect of the
student leadership development program in the management of the smoking free university, Sisaket Rajabhat
University and study the level of participation of the student leaders in the management of the smoking free
university towards the smoke-free zone in Sisaket Rajabhat University. by selecting the students union
president population of 20 people, the samples were selected according to the inclusion criteria and the
exclusion criteria, which the research pattern was used to conduct a comparative study within One Group
Pretest - Posttest Design in 12 weeks with 4 activities. The data were collected by using questionnaires and
using descriptive statistics presented in the form of a frequency distribution. The data distribution is normal.
They were presented with the statistical values of frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. And
translate the results into score values comparison of the mean, differences before and after the experiment.
Within the experimental group using statistics : Paired Samples t-Test. Results: The results of the research
were found that after the development of the experimental development program, the students’ leadership
in the management of the non-smoking university, knowledge, skills, social roles, imagination or concept
about oneself, motivation / mindset Participation in the development of student leadership potential in
the management of the non – smoking university. Significantly better than before development (p <0.05).
Conclusion: In conclusion of the study : Results of the Student Leadership Development Program in
Management of Smoking Free Universities, Sisaket Rajabhat University. It can cause success factors in
managing the non-smoking university. In organizing smoking free zones in Sisaket Rajabhat University. To
bring about effective action and efficiency and developed as the non-smoking university model Including
campaigning activities establishing a banner that announces the non-smoking area that covers the entire
university. To create participation of university students and the student leaders,The students union president
have a clear understanding of roles and duties in their work operations and have an action plan. They realized
the importance of organizing the non-smoking zone in the university. There are regulations / measures to
prevent and control smoking in non-smoking zones jointly agreed by the leaders. Established a mechanism to
support the construction of the non-smoking area in Sisaket Rajabhat University. The measures are followed
up and monitored, and implement a participatory and sustainable non-smoking university.

Author Biographies

Tanaprat Thuksin

Lecturer of Community Health Program, Faculty of Liberal Art and Science, Sisaket Rajabhat University, Sisaket,33000, Thailand

Chuthamat Nopparat

Assistant Professor of Public Health. School of Public Health, Walailuk university, Nakhon Si
Thammarat, 80160, Thailand

Tanapat Sriwarom

Lecturer of Local Politics and Governments Chalermkarnchana University, Sisaket,33000, Thailand




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Tanaprat Thuksin, Chuthamat Nopparat, & Tanapat Sriwarom. (2021). The Application Program of Smoking Free University Policy Campaign in Sisaket Rajabhat University. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 2685–2690.