Statistic Assessment of Spreading Cases (Total Confirmed, Recovered, Death) From Different AreasContain Novel Coronavirus (2019-n Cov)


  • Huda Sahib Abdul Mohammed Al-Rawazq



2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 n-CoV), Cases (infection, recovered, death), different countries, Pandemic.


Background: In Wuhan, Hubei Province, China 31, December 2019 were discovered several cases of
pneumonia of unknown causation and correlated to Wholesale Market Huanan Seafood.And caused acute
viral respiratory diseases called Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
Aim: The aim of this study is statistic assessment of cases (total confirmed, recovered, death) from different
areas in world, Arab nation and in Iraq contain 2019-n CoV.
Methods:The first study include collected data from Center for System Science and Engineering (CSSE)
at John’s Hopkins University and Iraqi Ministry of Health website daily reports from 29 st February to 31th
December 2020 of people infected with 2019- nCoV.
Results: From this statistics the prevalence of 2019-nCoV the spreadingcases (83.561.252 total
confirmed,47.136.188 global recovered and 1.820.668 global death) from 191 countries in the world.
The most distribution confirmed cases represent in (19.975.250 US, 10.286.709 India, 7.675.973 Brazil,
3.153.960 Russia, 2.677.806 France, 2.496.231 United Kingdom, 2.208.652 Turkey, 2.107.166 Italy). Also
global recovered represent in (9.883.461 India, 6.848.844 Brazil, 2.553.467 Russia, 2.100.650 Turkey,
1.508.419Colombia, 1.463.111 Italy, 1.426.676 Argentina, 1.355.384 Germany). And global death represent
in (345.844 US, 194.949 Brazil, 148.994 India, 125.807 Mexico,74.159 Italy, 73.622 United Kingdom,
64.760 France, 56.798 Russia).From this result the Arab nation including 3.139.205 total confirmed cases,
2.783.448 recovered cases and 55.326 death cases from 21 countries infected with 2019-n CoVbetween
this result the Iraqi infected patients represent 595.291 total confirmed cases, 537.841 recovered cases and
12.813 death cases.
Conclusions: In concluded, the percentage of 2010-n CoV increase in all the global confirmed cases in
different areas of the world and become pandemic.In Iraq show the infection is mild to moderate in spite of
no special antiviral and vaccine is present.

Author Biography

Huda Sahib Abdul Mohammed Al-Rawazq

Assistance Professor, Department of Anatomy-Biology Section, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad,
Baghdad, Iraq




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Huda Sahib Abdul Mohammed Al-Rawazq. (2021). Statistic Assessment of Spreading Cases (Total Confirmed, Recovered, Death) From Different AreasContain Novel Coronavirus (2019-n Cov). Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 2951–2958.