Assessment the Complications of Caesarean Section among Women’s attending AL -Diwaniyah Maternity and Pediatric Hospital/Iraq


  • Ghufran Fadhil Abo-Khuwait
  • Najmah Mahmood Meran



Assessment, Caesarean Section , Complications.


Aims: This study aimed to assess complications of caesarean section among pregnant women attending AL
Diwaniyah Maternity and Pediatric Hospital; and find out relationship between complications of caesarean
section and socio-demographic data of women.
Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study design is conducted for the period of December 26th 2020 to
June 1st 2021. The validity of the questionnaire is determine through a panel of experts and reliability was
achieved through a pilot study. By a purposive sample is selected among pregnant women who undergo
caesarean section, data was collected through the use of questionnaire and interview techniques; and
analyzed through the descriptive and inferential statistic.
Results: Findings indicate participants age, the mean age was 29±7.723, the age 20-29 years old (n=217;
43.4%), a not read and write (n=149; 29.8%), more than half of studied participants were housewife
(n=339; 67.8%), most of study participants were overweight (n=248; 49.6%). Findings showed that the
factors associated with caesarean section were post-partum hemorrhage, prolonged operation wound
infection and postpartum infection among studied sample. Regarding fetal complication ,Low Apgar
score(n=348;69.6%),respiratory distress syndrome (n=352;70.4%), and perinatal asphyxia(n=468;93.6%),
among studied sample. The education and BMI have been significant relationship with their associated
factors of caesarean section at p-value <0.05.

Author Biographies

Ghufran Fadhil Abo-Khuwait

Academic Nurse, Ministry of Health/ AL Diwaniyah Directorate, Iraq

Najmah Mahmood Meran

Assist. Prof, Collage of Medicine/University of Baghdad, Iraq




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Ghufran Fadhil Abo-Khuwait, & Najmah Mahmood Meran. (2021). Assessment the Complications of Caesarean Section among Women’s attending AL -Diwaniyah Maternity and Pediatric Hospital/Iraq. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 3218–3223.