Assessment and Evaluation of Implantology Courses for Post Graduate Students


  • Swati M Devani
  • Arvind I Moldi
  • Shrikar Desai
  • Amol Sangewar
  • Gaurav Khemaria
  • Vijay Namdevrao Yannawar
  • Shubhangi Lokhande



Dental implants, Implantology course, CBCT, Edentulous.


Introduction- In dentistry, dental implants have become an indispensable established therapy to replace
missing teeth in different clinical situations. Henceforth, implant education has become an integral part
of postgraduate prosthodontic curriculum.
Materials and Methods- This study was conducted in the Department of Prosthodontics, Crown and
Bridge at S. Nijalingappa Institute of Dental Science & Research, Gulbarga, Karnataka. A questionnaire
of 22 questions was mailed to the postgraduate students of prosthodontics. A total of 83 students
participated in the study. The forms were analyzed by using suitable descriptive statistics.
Results- A variety of responses were received from the participants. A total of 82 (98.8%) participants
were included in the study. Most of the participants (around 56 of them) start to place implants from
the second year and remaining. 69 of the participants responded in affirmation with the use of CBCT
for routine implant cases. 54 participants reported that overall, in a month, more than 10 implants were
placed in their department. In culmination, out of the 83 participants 69 of them want to learn more as
implantology is evolving as a separate branch in dentistry.
Conclusion- Implantology treatment is constantly evolving as the prime line of treatment in different
edentulous situations. Within the limitation of this study, it is concluded that dental colleges of India
having active postgraduate program are moderately equipped with Implantology syllabus and courses.
Although, there are variations in responses, but it has made necessary to review and standardize dental
implant curricula among institutions.

Author Biographies

Swati M Devani

Reader, Department of Prosthodontics, HKE’S S Nijalingappa Institute of Dental Science & Research, Gulbarga,Karnataka

Arvind I Moldi

Professor & Head & Principal, Department of Prosthodontics, HKE’S S Nijalingappa, Institute of Dental Science & Research, Gulbarga, Karnataka

Shrikar Desai

Professor, Department of Periodontology, HKE’S S Nijalingappa Institute of Dental, Science & Research, Gulbarga, Karnataka 

Amol Sangewar

Private Practitioner, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Gaurav Khemaria

Private Practitioner, Bangalore,Karnataka, India

Vijay Namdevrao Yannawar

Senior Lecturer, Dr HSRSM Dental College, Hingoli, Maharashtra

Shubhangi Lokhande

Private Practitioner, Pune, Maharashtra, India




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Swati M Devani, Arvind I Moldi, Shrikar Desai, Amol Sangewar, Gaurav Khemaria, Vijay Namdevrao Yannawar, & Shubhangi Lokhande. (2021). Assessment and Evaluation of Implantology Courses for Post Graduate Students. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 16(1), 126–132.