A Clinical Study of Parasitical Leishmaniasi in Al-Kut Province


  • Bushra Qasim Dhumad Al Edhari




leishmaniasis, disfiguring disease, educated, lesions, Kut hospital.


leishmaniasis is a potentially intense and skin disease. individuals with leishmaniasispossess one or
different long lesions on the skin. We obtained the sample from the patients init at alzahra Teaching
Hospital, a total of 190 cases of leishmaniasis have been registered. In this study were 190 individuals.
72 (38 %) females and 118 (62 %) males. The most infection with cutaneous leishmaniasis was in the
male. The majority of patients were at the age of (1-15) years 63 (53.3%) in males while in females the
highest proportion 39 (54.1%). Infection with cutaneous leishmaniasis had the highest percentage in
February 44 (23%) when compared to other months ofinfection.Results observed for infection with
cutaneous leishmaniasisin patientsuneducated had the highest percentage 116 (16%) when compared
to educated of infection.Medical reference have to be knowing the truththat chronic diseaseactivities
produceexpansion of the disease and riserange rate in the status that outlet to medical treatment is not
easy mostly in poorly conditions of cutaneouschronic diseaselocations.

Author Biography

Bushra Qasim Dhumad Al Edhari

Assistant Lecturerin Department of Medical Laboratory Technology, College of Health and Medical
Technique, Middle Technical University, Iraq




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Bushra Qasim Dhumad Al Edhari. (2021). A Clinical Study of Parasitical Leishmaniasi in Al-Kut Province. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 16(1), 313–317. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v16i1.17474