The Flipped Teaching of Middle School Students from the Viewpoint of PE Teachers


  • Hussein Farhan Sheikh Ali



Flipped Teaching, Middle School Students, PE Teachers


The research aims to the extent of the possibility of using inverted (flipped) teaching in the physical education
lesson in the manner of video or via e-mail. Learning platforms after the process of reducing the official
time for middle school students from the point of view of physical education teachers. Scientific research
was limited to physical education teachers in the Directorate of Public Education in Misan Governorate for
the academic year 20-20-20 21, the research sample consisted of a college (100) A teacher in secondary
education, the researcher adopted an initial exploratory questionnaire to determine the extent of inversion
of the teaching of T. And the evaluation, according to its stability by the method of re-testing, as it reached
a degree of stability (0.83) on the basic sample consisting of (60) teachers and schools, and after processing
the data statistically, the results of the research indicated that there are a number of reasons leading to
the possibility of using (reverse education) in education Sports. The lesson and in light of the results, the
researcher presented a set of conclusions and recommendations.

Author Biography

  • Hussein Farhan Sheikh Ali

    Associate Professor Misan Education Directorate Department, Ministry of Education, Iraq




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