Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Online Studying Cas’s Study Alasala University KAS Law School


  • Hala Ali



Distance education; student satisfaction, online Learning, COVID-19 pandemic, higher educational institutions, Alasala, KAS.


The first quarter of 2020 is one of the most difficult times for the region and whole world. Where
the epidemic (COVID-19) invaded the world and thus affected many aspects of human aspects: in
terms of low industrial production, the global economy stopping work, and educational aspects closed
to students. All educational institutions modified their academic assessments, and then educational
programs were modified during this period. As stakeholders and management of higher education
institutions do not have another option is to take advantage of Internet and new technologies, and
therefore go to online learning to continue academic activities at all levels of education around the
region and the whole world.
The study aims at assess whether students in KSA, especially Alasala University in general, and in
particular the College of Law, if they are satisfied with the “group” online learning experience in higher
education institutions, therefore, the study used an online survey to investigate the level of satisfaction
with online learning and how students adapt to these “new initiatives”.
The study undertakes a case study of a law school within a leading university such as Alasala, which has
implemented a quality system. The study reviews the development of the quality system and examines
the concept of service quality in law education. The aim of this study is to address the paucity of service
quality research in law education in this region. Empirical research is used to determine the factors
that influence student evaluation of service quality. With data collected from 664 students, the study
identifies six factors that influence students’ evaluations of service quality. Research implications of the
study are then discussed. The study results indicate that the implementation of online learning programs
was a very impressive idea as the majority of students included in the sample supported the initiative.

Author Biography

Hala Ali

Associate Professor of Public Law, College of Law, Al-Asala University, KSA Saudi Arabia




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Hala Ali. (2021). Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Online Studying Cas’s Study Alasala University KAS Law School. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 16(1), 530–539.