A Correlation Study between Fingerprints and Lip Prints among Twins


  • M.Sugatha
  • R.Jenifer Jacquiline
  • M.Taqiuddinkhan




Lip prints. Fingerprints, Twins, Correlation, identification.


Introduction: Fingerprints and Lip prints has its reliability for its uniqueness and can be used solely
as an aid in identification for civil and criminal cases. Hence a correlation between the fingerprints and
lip prints can bring up a new approach or idea in the field of Forensic Medicine for solving medicolegal
cases. The present study was conducted on 25 pairs of twins with the main objective to find any existing
correlation between fingerprints and lip prints and to determine the most predominant finger print and
lip print pattern among Twin A and Twin B individually.
Materials and Methods: The study was done is subjects age ranging from 6-18 years. A proforma with
subject particulars and consent form was prepared. Lip prints were obtained in a drawing chart, the
middle part of the lower lip was analysed based on Suzuki and Tsuchihashi classification. Fingerprint of
left thumb finger was obtained in a white paper and analysed based on Henry’s system of classification.
Results: The present study showed that there was no significant correlation between the Lip prints and
Fingerprints in Twins with p value >0.001. Among twin A and twin B the most predominant Lip print
pattern was Type I’ and the Fingerprint pattern was Loop pattern respectively.
Conclusion: Lip prints and Fingerprints are two important parameters for an individual in identification.
There are various studies till now in individuals but very few in twins. So, in this study we made an
attempt to find the correlation between the parameters, whether they were existing or not and found that
there was no significant correlation yet can be used as a separate tool. Hence it is essential to perform
further studies on a larger group and create a database for getting accurate results.

Author Biographies

  • M.Sugatha

    Associate Professor, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad,Telanagana State

  • R.Jenifer Jacquiline

    Final Year Postgraduate, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad,Telanagana State

  • M.Taqiuddinkhan

    Professor and Head, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad,Telanagana State




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