Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Regarding Child Sexual Abuse on Knowledge and Attitude of Parents


  • Bhavani Bangarkodi Balakrishna
  • Valsamma Joseph




CSA (Child Sexual Abuse), Prevention, Education, Information Package, Parents, Knowledge, Attitude.


Background: Child sexual abuse is a serious violation of children’s rights and abuse of power. CSA is
a matter of global concern and occurs across all socio-economic, educational, racial, and ethnic groups.
There is a lack of knowledge and awareness regarding child sexual abuse and its preventive aspects.
Parent education regarding CSA is important for keeping children safe.The study aimed toevaluate the
effectiveness of information package as an educational intervention,on the knowledge and attitude of
parents regarding CSA.
Methodology: An experimental, pre-test post-test control group design was adopted for the study.
The setting of the study was selected schools of Bangalore. The sample included 300 parents (150 in
experimental and 150 in control group). The outcome variables were knowledge and attitude. The data
was collected using socio-demographicperforma, knowledge questionnaire and attitude scale.
Results: The majority of the parents in both the experimental and control group had an average level
of knowledge and a moderately favorable attitude about prevention of CSA. There was a significant
difference in the post-test knowledge(22.10±3.15 and 12.19±3.20; F = 101.33; p <0.001) and attitude
scores (102.23±10.67; 84.23±15.18; F = 54.88; p<0.001)of parents regarding CSA in the experimental
group when compared to the control group. Conclusion: The Educational interventionwas effective
in improving the knowledge and bringing a favorable change in the attitude of parents regarding CSA
in the experimental group. The Information package is recommended for use as a primary prevention
effort for educating parents on CSA

Author Biographies

  • Bhavani Bangarkodi Balakrishna

    Professor, Department of Child Health Nursing, The Oxford College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

  • Valsamma Joseph

    Principal, Government college of Nursing, Thrissur, Kerala, India




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