Effect of Tamsulosin on Biomarkers after Kidney Stones Lithotripsy


  • Iman A. Ismael




kidney stones, lithotripsy, tamsulosin


The disease of kidney stones is one of the urinary system’s oldest and most common issues. Children
with kidney stones have also become more popular, In recent years. Kidney stones are also very painful,
and in some people, they can continue to occur. Kidney stone attacks result in over 2 million visits
to health care facilities . People tend to get stones in the middle of life. During midlife, family and
work commitments are at their height, which makes kidney stones costly. The diagnosis, treatment and
prevention of kidney stones and the time away from work due to stones cost approximately $5.3 billion
a year. To understand the effect renal some biomarkers in patients with kidney stones, before and after
Lithotripsy and to evaluate the effect of Tamsulosin on these biomarkers in patients. Forty patients and
twenty healthy persons were participate in this case-control study, Bl.urea, level of ALP, Level of KIM1, and level of Na c were investigate in serum with kidney stones patients and control healthy persons.
The results were shown significant elevation in the levels of KIM-1, and serum urea were decreased
significantly (p value <0.05) while the levels of ALP and serum sodium show an improvement when
compared to patients who were not used tamsulosin but it’s results were statistically not significant. the
results were given an evidence for the crucial role of some biomarker in serum in patients with kidney
stones, also the effects of using tamsulosin for 14 days in patients with kidney stones who underwent
lithotripsy compared with those patients who were not used tamsulosin.

Author Biography

  • Iman A. Ismael

    Assistant Lecture at Department of Pharmacy, Bilad Al-Rafidain University College




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