The Role of IL-5, IL-33 and Total IgE in a Sample of Workers Suffering from Paints and Mills Asthmatic Patients


  • Ruaa Adnan Ali





A case-control retrospective study was conducted during November 2020 on 88 asthmatic patients (38
male mill and 50 male paints workers)with age ranged between (15-25),and 44 control with age ranged
between (15-25)years to assess the role of total IgE ,interleukine5(IL-5),and interleukin33(IL-33)serum
levels in pathophysiology of disease using ELISA and multiplex immunoblot kits. Some hematological
changes such as(Eosinophil and Basophil%)by Beckman coulter. The patients’ samples were obtained
from Nature Dyes Company Ltd in the industrial region of Aweerij Industrial, as well as Al-Dora flour
mill in Baghdad, which is part of the general company for grain processing. The tests were carried out at
the Specialized Center of Allergy in Baghdad/Al-Rusafa from October 2020 to April 2021. Specialized
respiratory disorders and Asthma diagnose these cases, which are clinically diagnosed according to
international guide lines. The present study confirms the highly significant role of total IgE and IL5,IL-33 levels compared with control in pathophysiology of bronchial asthma and it correlation with
disease severity and allergen type in adults. Results showed that there were highly significant increase in
Eosinophil and basophil % in cases asthma of paints and mills patients with control group. In addition,
there were a positive correlation between Eosinophil and Basophil in asthma of paints, and in asthma of
mills. There was positive correlation between total IgE with IL-5 and IL-33 in asthmatic group.

Author Biography

  • Ruaa Adnan Ali

    Scholar Researcher Talib Abdullah Hussein and Scholar Researcher Suad Almas Barkhas, Department of Biology, College of science for women, University of Baghdad, Iraq Clinical immunology laboratory, Specialized Center of allergy in Baghdad, Al- Russafa, Iraq




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The Role of IL-5, IL-33 and Total IgE in a Sample of Workers Suffering from Paints and Mills Asthmatic Patients. (2022). Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 16(2), 319-325.