A Development of Health Massage Establishments in Phetchabun Province Thailand using Appreciative Inquiry Application


  • Boadsaporn Anusornpanichakul
  • Nusaraporn Kessomboon




Appreciative inquiry; risk management; health massage establishments; health massage establishments; surveillance.


Thai government sets a policy in order to develop Thailand as Global Medical Hub, so the Health Establishment
Act BE 2559 was provided to regulate related business reaching the required standards. The researcher carried
out this action study by applying appreciative inquiry to develop health massage establishments in Phetchabun
Province, Thailand. The appreciative inquiry is a positive and collaborative approach to change all sizes of
organizations that techniques employed by successful entrepreneurs were used to improve unachievable ones.
73 volunteer participants were included then a surveillance was conducted by finding out “superior models”
which were passed all of three categories and each passed >60% as well as were passed all important drawbacks
and not found any illegal performances. The five superior models employed good techniques with 8 lists: 6 lists
in category 1 location and surroundings, 1 list in category 2 safety, and 1 list in category 3 service followed by
assessment form of the health service standard for health massage establishment. The remaining 68 intervention
cohorts implemented those techniques for 30 days. The results were passed 91.18% (62 of 68 sites) comparing to
69.12% (47 of 68 sites) before implementation. Classified by each category, it was increasingly passed all of three
categories. Moreover, there are some fresh techniques were explored and used for improvement. It is assumed
that the appreciative inquiry is based on their experiences, skills, and individual exploration of entrepreneurs and
massagers to enhance their establishments reaching achievement.

Author Biographies

Boadsaporn Anusornpanichakul

Pharmacist Ph.D., Department of Consumer Protection and Public Health Pharmacy, Phetchabun Provincial
Public Health, Phetchabun;

Nusaraporn Kessomboon

Associate Professor, Department of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand.




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Boadsaporn Anusornpanichakul, & Nusaraporn Kessomboon. (2022). A Development of Health Massage Establishments in Phetchabun Province Thailand using Appreciative Inquiry Application. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 16(3), 102–107. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v16i3.18260