Histological and Histochemical Features of the Newly Lactating Udderinlocal Breed She Goat (Caprice Hirccus)


  • Yousif R.Jumaah
  • Abdul KarimJafar Karim




Mammary gland; Goats; Post parturition mammary glands; Lactating; Histological.


Six samples of one day post parturition mammary glands of local breed goats were used for this work. The samples
of glands were dissected the tissue specimens were fixed in 10% formalin solution. The specimens were processed
according to paraffin embedding technique, sectioned at 5-6μm and stained by hematoxylin and eosin, Masson’s
Trichrom stains and Verhoff stain. The newly lactating mammary gland was covered by very thick, well glandular
skin that measured 210.32±9.03μm. The mammary parenchyma was composed of groups of huge mammary
lobes which separated by well vascular thick layer of inter lobar fibrous tissue that measured 986.19±23.10 μm
(Thickness). The mean of surface area of mammary lobe was134785.48±15.89μm², it was consisted of numerous
small size lobules that measured 9848.79±23.75μm² and separated from each other by thin layer of fibro muscular
inter lobular connective tissue that measured 138.16±4.11 μm. The lobule was composed of mammary alveoli
which revealed marked secretory activities. The mean surface area of alveolus was 784.79±19.09 μm² that lined
by cuboidal cells that measured 14.11±1.09 μm. Duct system of newly lactating mammary gland was intra lobular
duct, large inter lobar duct, largest lactiferous sinus, the lactiferous sinus was drainage to glandular cisterna that
opened into teat cisterna and the later opened into teat canal. Gland cisterna was huge chamber had wide irregular
shaped lumen. The mucosa of gland cisterna had few mucosal folds which lined by simple cuboidal epithelium
and supported a lamina propria of dense fibro muscular connective tissue. The epithelium of cisterna which close
to the mammary lobules was supported thick layer of well vascular fibrous connective tissue. Teat cisterna was
composed of mucosal folds that supported by fibro muscular layer with venous plexus.

Author Biographies

Yousif R.Jumaah

Assitant Lecturer, Department of Medical Physics/ Applied Sciences / Fallujah University

Abdul KarimJafar Karim

Assistant professor, Department of Anatomy and Histology/Veterinary medicine/ Baghdad University.




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Yousif R.Jumaah, & Abdul KarimJafar Karim. (2022). Histological and Histochemical Features of the Newly Lactating Udderinlocal Breed She Goat (Caprice Hirccus). Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 16(3), 376–380. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v16i3.18314