Depression in Relation to Serum Ferritin a Cross-sectional Study at Najaf Governorate


  • Ashwan Abdulzahra Hashim



depression, serum ferritin, Beck depressive inventory, Najaf


depression is a common psychiatric disorder that leads to disability and increases morbidity and mortality, and iron deficiency is a common nutritional disorder in general population that lead to change in brain function and affecting the quality of life. Methodology; a cross-sectional study that was conducted at Iraq Al-Najaf governorate, patient with depression was (51), and control group was (95), both were assessed by Beck depressive inventory Arabic version for the scoring of depressive symptoms, for both group serum ferritin was evaluated from fasting blood sample. Result; The age of participants (mean=36.25 years), the male was (55) while the female (91), of them (88) were married, there is significant differences between groups in age group (36-45) years and female gender while not to another variable. serum ferritin was significantly deferent with P-value (0.001). Conclusion; there is a strong relationship between the level of serum ferritin and depression with inverse correlation.

Author Biography

Ashwan Abdulzahra Hashim

Psychiatrist at the Department of Medicine, Medical College, University of Kufa, Head of Department of Psychiatry Al-Hakeem General Hospital




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Ashwan Abdulzahra Hashim. (2020). Depression in Relation to Serum Ferritin a Cross-sectional Study at Najaf Governorate. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(2), 816–821.