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The printers and photocopiers leave their imprints on the produced<br>documents. Examination of printed output of a questioned document is essential as it provides<br>information about the producing device.<br>This study aims to compare the characteristics of different computer printed documents to identify the<br>type of the producing output devices (photocopier, inkjet, and laser printers).<br>Methods: 132 documents were typed and printed using different models of inkjet, laser printers<br>and photocopiers. The produced documents were examined with direct light digital microscope and<br>ultraviolet light and the printed markings were compared.<br>Conclusion: Our results revealed that each class of the studied printing devices induced specific criteria<br>on the examined printed documents. These criteria are class characteristics but differ from one type of<br>device to another.</p> Abeer Sayed Abdo Borae Yasser Fouad Abd El-Monem Al-Akid Khaled Abd El-Azeem Mahmoud Tamim NesrineAbd El-Rahman Mahmoud Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 1 10 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17905 A Correlation Study between Fingerprints and Lip Prints among Twins <p>Introduction: Fingerprints and Lip prints has its reliability for its uniqueness and can be used solely<br>as an aid in identification for civil and criminal cases. Hence a correlation between the fingerprints and<br>lip prints can bring up a new approach or idea in the field of Forensic Medicine for solving medicolegal<br>cases. The present study was conducted on 25 pairs of twins with the main objective to find any existing<br>correlation between fingerprints and lip prints and to determine the most predominant finger print and<br>lip print pattern among Twin A and Twin B individually.<br>Materials and Methods: The study was done is subjects age ranging from 6-18 years. A proforma with<br>subject particulars and consent form was prepared. Lip prints were obtained in a drawing chart, the<br>middle part of the lower lip was analysed based on Suzuki and Tsuchihashi classification. Fingerprint of<br>left thumb finger was obtained in a white paper and analysed based on Henry’s system of classification.<br>Results: The present study showed that there was no significant correlation between the Lip prints and<br>Fingerprints in Twins with p value &gt;0.001. Among twin A and twin B the most predominant Lip print<br>pattern was Type I’ and the Fingerprint pattern was Loop pattern respectively.<br>Conclusion: Lip prints and Fingerprints are two important parameters for an individual in identification.<br>There are various studies till now in individuals but very few in twins. So, in this study we made an<br>attempt to find the correlation between the parameters, whether they were existing or not and found that<br>there was no significant correlation yet can be used as a separate tool. Hence it is essential to perform<br>further studies on a larger group and create a database for getting accurate results.</p> M.Sugatha R.Jenifer Jacquiline M.Taqiuddinkhan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 11 19 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17908 Demographic Study of Blunt Trauma Chest in Varanasi Region <p>The mortality rate of chest trauma is 10%. Incidence has significantly increased due to development of<br>rapid mode of transport, new high speed vehicles, ignorance of road safety measures, fall from height,<br>fall on road injuries due to construction activities violence ,fall from under construction building.<br>Human fatality associated with chest injuries worsening each year.<br>This drew the impact on reducing burden of chest trauma ,prevention and its measures at social, medical,<br>economical, and governmental. So that understanding the problem is the one of the first step towards<br>awareness and averting the problem.<br>Present study has been undertaken to analyse the most neglected aspect of human suffering . It is an<br>effort to know the pattern of blunt trauma chest and to elucidate the multi-factorial causations leading<br>to rise in everyday blunt trauma cases.<br>Here in this paper 300 cases of chest injuries by blunt forces are studied for their epidemiological,<br>demographic aspects. Majority of them are adult/middle ages male between 41 -50 years of age ,most<br>of them are caused by road traffic accidents. Male to female ratio is 7.1:1.Majority of the cases are<br>happened on highway.</p> Roopam Mourya S.K.Pandey S.K. Bhartiya Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 20 26 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17911 Legal Aspects of Maternity Nursesperforming Childbirth Assistance Measures in the Framework of Carrying Out Doctor’s Duties Against the Birth Process in Breach Locations <p>Health is a human right, meaning that everyone has the same rights in obtaining access to health<br>services and professionalism from health workers. Nurses are the most numerous health workers in<br>Indonesia. Nursing staff who perform nursing actions must be following the competence of nurses and<br>Law Number 38 of 2014 concerning Nursing. The purpose of writing this article is to find out how the<br>legal aspects of maternity nurses who carry out delivery assistance actions carry out the doctor’s duties<br>in the Breach delivery process By using the normative juridical research method, it can be concluded<br>that the competence of the maternity nurse is to assist childbirth but does not have the authority to<br>provide delivery assistance, especially in cases with fatal risks that can cause death to the mother and<br>fetus. When referring to the criminal provisions of Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health Workers,<br>Article 84 paragraph (1), any Health Worker who commits serious negligence resulting in serious injury<br>to the Health Service Recipient shall be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 3 (three) years. Then<br>in paragraph (2), namely If the gross negligence as referred to in paragraph (1) results in death, each<br>Health Worker shall be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 5 (five) years.</p> Makhfudli Gregory Agung Himawan Nisa AmaliyaVariansyah MokhamadKhoirul Huda Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 27 34 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17912 Isolation and Identification of Salmonella typhimurium in an Umbilical Area from Chicks in Kerbala City <p>One hundred samples ofumbilicus were taken from chicks .Out of these, 27 (27%) were positive.<br>The most common of bacterial isolates were Salmonella typhimurium. The biochemical tests for all<br>isolates, whether from chicks, showed a positive test to check the production of hydrogen sulfide gas,<br>the fermentation of glucose sugar, the use of citrate as a source of carbon, non-lactose fermentedand<br>negative for urease enzyme, the result found the most common infection in the cold weather February<br>, they were found nine isolates (33.33%) more than other groups as 29.63%, 14.82 %and 11.11%,<br>for January , November , December and October , respectively. The resultswere found a total of 27<br>isolates were Salmonella spp., on the other hand 11 isolates wereidentified as Salmonella typhimurium<br>(40.74%) by Vitek 2 compact system, , All Salmonella spp. showed high susceptibility against<br>Nitrofurantoin, 27 (100%) and ciprofloxacin24 (88.8%), whereas they were highly resistance against<br>AmoxicillinCefotaxime, and Vancomycin 24 (88.8% ).. Chicks with umbilical area were found to<br>harbor different pathogens and they are considered a source of infection during successive days in the<br>life of broilers chickens.</p> Mustafa Mahmood NaemaAl-taeeand Sahar Mahdi Hayyawi Al-Rubay Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 35 41 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17914 The Effect of Hypertension as a Comorbid Factor on the Length of Stay in Patients Undergoing Cholecystectomy <p>Background: One of the gold standard procedures for cholelithiasis is cholecystectomy. Cholecystectomy<br>has numerous variated Length of stay results relies upon every nation and medical clinic. Hypertension<br>is perhaps the most widely recognized comorbid factors and are thought to impact prolonged length of<br>stay.<br>Aim of Research: To study the effect of hypertension as a comorbid factor on the length of stay in patients<br>undergoing cholecystectomy in Dr. Ramelan Naval Hospital Surabaya from June 2019-September 2020.<br>Method of Research: This is an analytic descriptive research with retrospective study. The sampling<br>technique used in this research is total sampling. The data were collected from medical record data of<br>patients at the Internal Medicine and Digestive Surgery Polyclinic.<br>Result of Research: The number of patients who underwent cholecystectomy with hypertension<br>who underwent a length of stay &gt; 5 days were 36 people (83.7%). The result from the Coefficient<br>Contingency test shows that there is a correlation between hypertension as a comorbid factor and the<br>length of stay (p&lt;0,0001).<br>Conclusion: This research shows that there is comorbidity such as hypertension affects the length of<br>stay in cholecystectomy.</p> Albertus Magnus Arya Abisatya Diah Purwaningsari Wahyu Prasasti Mutiadesi Redemptus Yudadi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 42 48 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17915 Prostate Specific Antigen as Predictive Factor for Androgenemia in Women <p>Background: Sex hormones of steroid origin - androgens, play an important role in the life of the<br>body. They are involved in the regulation of bone maturation, gonadotropin secretion and the synthesis<br>of high-density lipids, the production of β-endorphins. Along with the anabolic effect, androgens<br>regulate libido and sexual potency, stimulate the function of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.<br>At physiological concentrations, androgens participate in the regression mechanism of the follicle in<br>the ovaries and provide pubic hair and inguinal hair growth .The present study was conducted with<br>the aim the possibility of using PSA for the diagnosis of hyper androgenic conditions in women. The<br>study included 105 girls aged 17–26 were examined. The concentration in the peripheral blood of<br>PSA and a androgens, testosterone and DHEA-S, were determined. In addition, the concentration of<br>the transport proteins of androgens SHBG and albumin was investigated. The calculation of (FT) and<br>(BT) was carried out according to special computer programs. The aim of this work was diagnostics of<br>hyperandrogenic conditions in women. The result shows that the concentration of PSA increases with<br>an increase in T peripheral blood, the concentration of PSA increases with an increase in DHEA-S in<br>peripheral blood and the concentration of PSA increases with an decrease in SHBG in peripheral blood.<br>In conclusion, we found that there is a relationship between androgen levels and PSA concentration in<br>peripheral blood, and PSA is a valuable marker in the diagnosis of hyperandrogenism in women.</p> Ali Mohammed Mooshly AL-Bahadly Maytham Khazza Kadhim AL-Behadili Mohammed Shakir Atiyah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 49 55 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17917 The Effect of ARV on Rate of HIV Vertical Transmission from Exclusive Breastfeeding Mothers: A Systematic Review <p>Objective: To give a visualization and explanation whether the use of ARV during exclusivebreastfeeding<br>period is able to reduce the rate of transmission during exclusive breastfeeding.<br>Methods: Systematic review of cross-sectional studies, case control, cohort studies, and prospective<br>studies using Pubmed, LWW Journals, and Science Direct for literature search. Literature published<br>between 2010 and 2020 are researched. Results are recorded using PRISMA, MMAT is used for biasrisk<br>evaluation.<br>Results: A total of 2090 breastfed infants were included among the 2 studies. The first journal included<br>was by Coovadiaet al.2012 was a 3rd phase clinical regarding the use of extended NVP on HIV exposed<br>infants were exclusive breastfed, concluded that the transmission rate for the group that received<br>extendedNVP was only 1.1%. Rutagweraet al. 2019, focused on the shedding of HIV virus into the<br>breastmilk which is why this study used breastmilk as their sample4,6. Rutagweraet al. 2019. found<br>almost 80% of their subjects shed HIV virus into their breastmilk6. This number is correlated to the<br>transmission of HIV vertically in breastfeeding mother.<br>Conclusion: To conclude, the use of ARV does affect the rate of transmission of HIV from mother to<br>child during breastfeeding.</p> Amanah Fatmadani Suwarno Dwiyanti Puspitasari Pudji Lestari Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 56 64 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17919 The Possible Effect of Celastrol on Ameliorating Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Neuro-inflammation in Sodium Valproate Induced- Rat Model of Autism <p>Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disease with impairment in social interactions,<br>language and repetitive stereotypical behaviors. Celastrol is a natural safe compound that has antiinflammatory<br>and as a neuroprotective effects. 48 male offspringswistar rats divided into 6 groups;<br>normal control group, offsprings receive vehicle, autistic offsprings receive vehicle, autistic offsprings<br>receive risperidone, autistic offspringsreceive celastrol, autistic offspringsreceive both risperidone&amp;<br>celastrol. At the end of experiment behavioral tests were performed then neurochemical analysis<br>and histopathological examination. The obtained data showed that celastrol improved social deficits,<br>decreased repetitive/restricted behaviors in T-maze test, significant increase in SIRT-1, GSH level<br>with significant decrease in DRP-1, IL-6, caspase-3 and MDA with amelioration of histopathological<br>findings in VPA-induced ASD in both cerebellum and hippocampus. These findings pave the way for<br>using celastrol as an adjuvant therapy during long-term clinical use of risperidone in ASD.</p> AmlAlaa El-Din El-Sayed Ahmed Samia HussienAbou El-Seoud Fleur Fathi Abdel Moneim Rasha Osama El-Esawy Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 65 76 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17920 The Effectiveness of Facet Joint Local Corticosteroid Injection in Diagnosis and Treatment of Facet Joint Syndrome <p>Objectives: To evaluate outcomes of lumbar facet joint injection with local corticosteroid in treatment<br>of chronic low back pain according to Oswestry disability Index(ODI).<br>Patients and Methods: Interventional prospective study on 23 patients attended the outpatient clinic of<br>Orthopedic Surgery in Cairo University Hospitalscomplaining of chronic low back pain not responsive<br>to medical treatment and physiotherapy from September 2018 to august 2019.<br>Results: The mean age of the patients was 41.17 ± 9.74 years and 47.8% were males. Facet joint<br>corticosteroid injection resulted in significant reduction of pain severity of patients as it ranged 5:10<br>(mean 7.3 ±1.5) pre-injection and improved to 0 :6 (mean 3.6 ± 1.7) 3-month post injection(Pvalue:0.001)<br>while the ODI score ranged 26:80 (mean 47.4 ±15.7) pre-injection and improved to 4:46 (mean 28.8 ±<br>10.4) three months post injection(Pvalue 0.001).<br>Conclusion: intra-articular facet joint injection is crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of facet joint<br>syndrome.</p> Amr Sabry AlBakry Ahmed Saleh ElSayed Hamada Mostafa AbdulAal ElSaid Hamdy Zaki Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 77 86 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17922 The Management of Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) Overlapping with Sjogren Syndrome : A Case Report <p>Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is an autoimmune vasculitis involving large and medium arteries. GCA is<br>rarely associated with autoimmune diseases, such as Sjögren’s syndrome. Glucocorticoids (GC) are<br>the cornerstone of the treatment of GCA as they are very effective but are often given for 1 year to<br>avoid relapses. Here we report a rare case of GCA overlapping with Sjögren’s syndrome along with the<br>management.</p> Arina Mana Sikana Awalia Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 87 93 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17923 Smart Materials- A Review <p>3rd Year Post Graduate Student, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, Manipal Academy of Higher Education</p> Arpit Arora Anushka Arora Karthik Shetty Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 94 100 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17926 Effect of Oxytocin Augmentation on Neonatal Bilirubin Levels : A Case Control Study <p>Introduction - Hyperbilirubinemia is a commonly encountered problem in both term as well as preterm<br>infants and is a source of concern to neonatologists.<br>Aim- to determine the relationship between the usage of oxytocin during labour and the development<br>of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.<br>Methodology- a case controlled study was conducted. 50 patients were given intravenous oxytocin<br>for the augmentation of their labour and 50 patients delivered spontaneously without the usage of<br>oxytocin during their labour. The neonates born to both these categories of patients were studied for<br>their bilirubin levels of day 2 of life.<br>Results- hyperbilirubinemia developed in 34% of the neonates whose mothers were given oxytocin for<br>augmentation of labour and hyperbilirubinemia developed in only 14% of the neonates whose mothers<br>delivered spontaneously without the usage of oxytocin.<br>Conclusion- A positive relationship between the usage of oxytocin during labour and development of<br>neonatal hyperbilirubinemia has been established.</p> Jitendra Shukla Shubhra Buch Piyusha Chandrayan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 101 104 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17928 Study of Working Hours of Indonesian Civil Servant Doctors in Relation to the Rule of Three Licenses for Practice and Labor Law <p>There are no specific rules about doctors’ working hours in Indonesia, it causes working hours of<br>Indonesian doctors to be excessive. Following the rules of the labor law that the maximum work of a<br>worker is 40 hours a week. However, with the applicable 3 Licenses For Practice rules, the doctor’s<br>work hours will be more than 40 hours a week. It was to examine whether the working hours of<br>Indonesian Civil Servant doctors are rational.Based on Law No. 13 of 2003 about Manpower article<br>77 paragraph (2), the maximum working hours of a worker is 40 hours. In reality, with the 3 Licenses<br>For Practice rules, if it was calculated, the working hours of civil servant of doctors in Indonesia was<br>very excessive. In other countries, there were already standard rules. Doctors work 40 hours a week<br>or a maximum of 80 hours a week. Therefore, it needed to be studied further, whether the 3 Licenses<br>For Practice policy had provided a solution or had actually aggravated the condition of a civil servant<br>doctor. The monoloyalty discourse of a doctor needed to be balanced with an increase in the services or<br>incentives of a civil servant doctor.With the rule of three Licenses For Practice, the working hours of<br>civil servant doctors in Indonesia became excessive.</p> Noviana Indarti SherlyIntan Sylvia Meylinda Tagor Sibarani Mokhamad Khoirul Huda Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 105 114 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17932 Profile of Pneumocystis JiroveciiPneumoia in HIV/AIDS Patients in Dr. Soetomo General Hospital of East Java Province <p>Background: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients if not treated will experience<br>acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). People with AIDS will suffer opportunistic infection.<br>One of the common opportunistic infections is Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PCP). PCP is an<br>infection caused by the fungus Pneumocystis jirovecii which infects patient’s lungs. The purpose of this<br>study is to analyze the profile of HIV/AIDS patients with PCP in Dr. Soetomo Hospital.<br>Methods: This is a retrospective descriptive study based on medical records obtained from the inpatient<br>ward of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital Surabaya. A total 21 patients enrolled in this study who met the<br>inclusion criteria. The data are retrospectively described by demographic characteristics, CD4 count,<br>clinical symptoms, blood gas, and lungs radiographic features.<br>Conclusion:Major findings of PCP in HIV/AIDS patients was in the group of age 25-49 years (85,7%),<br>male (85,7%), high school graduate (71,4%), employed and unmarried (66,7%). The most common<br>clinical symptoms were dyspnea (100%), PaO2 ≥70 mmHg (61,97%), CD4 count &lt;50 cells/μL (76,2%)<br>and the most common radiographic features was bilateral interstitial infiltrates (95,2%).</p> Pius Sebastian Ginting Bramantono RestiYudhawati Meliana Musofa Rusli Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 115 121 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17933 Early Childhood Malnourishment and its Associated Factors - Uttarakhand <p>Malnutrition, a word which seems to shake our roots and disturb our future. Today the underdeveloped<br>and many developing countries are battling this threat in many ways. The reason behind malnutrition is<br>the determinants which make it prevail in our neighborhood and our country on the whole. Malnutrition<br>possess a very serious threat to the future of our country especially the children between (1 – 3) years of<br>age. This paper attempts to identify the existing prevalence of malnutrition in Uttarakhand, to explore<br>the predisposing factors contributing to it in under five children and compare the prevalence with the<br>selected neighboring states. An in – depth survey of all the related literatures and published articles in the<br>selected area was made. It has been reported in recent times about the hike in India’s hunger problems<br>and the number of reported cases of stunting and wasting has also rocketed though underweight has<br>slightly reduced. The only way to curb malnutrition is by; breaking the shackles of the determinants,<br>thorough regular surveys and screenings, improved and adequate health care services, reaching out to<br>the needy and spreading awareness among the masses.</p> Pratiti Haldar Lekha Viswanath Ashok Kumar Srivastava Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 122 128 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17935 A Quasi-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Guided Imagery Therapy on Infertility Related Stress and Quality of Life among Infertile Women <p>Introduction and Background: According to WHO infertility is failure to achieve a pregnancy<br>after 12 months or more than or without use of any contraception method, it is a reproductive system<br>disease.Infertility can cause increase level of stress and create negative thought. So this study is<br>aimed to find out effectiveness of guided imagery technique on stress and quality of life of infertile<br>women. Methodology: The research approach used was quantitative approach. Quasi experimental:<br>nonequivalent control group, Pre-test post-test design was used. 66 infertile women were selected for<br>both the group was selected 33 subjects in each group. Pre assessment for stress level &amp; quality of<br>life was done for both experimental and control group. The tool of data collection included a sociodemographic<br>Performa, Perceived stress scale (PSM- 10) and FertiQol scale assessment tool. Guided<br>imagery provided to experimental group. The intervention was given to infertile women is recorded<br>15 minutes audio tract. Participants had listened the infertile specific GI recording once in a day for 7<br>consecutive days. In control group, the GI therapy did not provided. Result: The data was analyzed<br>by using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study result shows that effect of GI intervention on<br>stress intensity and on QoL are effective and P value for stress was &lt;0.001 and for QoL p value was<br>&lt;0.001. Conclusion: The study concluded that Guided imagery technique is effective in reducing stress<br>level and improve quality of life.</p> Priyanka Christian Sapna Bhavin Patel Anjali Tiwari Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 129 138 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17937 Meta Study of the Relationship between Knowledge and Incentives with Posyandu Cadre Performance <p>Background: Posyandu cadre performance refers to the role of cadres in posyandu activities as in<br>the Posyandu cadre handbook, explaining the role of posyandu cadres is divided into three stages,<br>namely before posyandu opening days, posyandu opening days and after posyandu opening days. Many<br>studies report different results on the performance of health cadres related to knowledge and incentives.<br>The purpose of this paper is to analyze the relationship between knowledge and incentives with the<br>performance of posyandu cadres.<br>Method: The research method used is meta-analysis to assess how big the effect of the knowledge and<br>incentive variables will be on the performance of posyandu cadres.<br>Result: Based on the results of the study of research articles, the combined P-value of 0,000 on the<br>knowledge variable, and the combined p-value of 0,039 on the incentive variable.<br>Conclusion: There is a relationship between knowledge and incentive variables on the performance of<br>posyandu cadres.</p> Arjan Arkasi Syamsul Arifin Ari Yunanto Eko Suhartono Fauzie Rahman Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 139 142 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17939 Comparing Walking age, Receptive and Expressive Language Profiles between Speech Delay Children with and without Hearing Loss <p>Objectives : The study aimed to investigate whether walking age, receptive, and expressive language<br>profiles differ between speech delay children with hearing loss and speech delay children without<br>hearing loss; to identify walking age, receptive, and expressive profiles between speech delay children<br>with hearing loss and speech delay children without hearing loss.<br>Methods : The study is an observational analytic with retrospective cross-sectional design using<br>medical records data for two years. Data was collected using a total sampling technique.<br>Results : The study involved 92 children with speech delay, consisting 72 children in the hearing loss<br>group and 20 children in the normal hearing group. The average age at walk as gross motoric profile<br>shows that speech delays children with hearing loss have an average age that is later than speech delays<br>children without hearing loss. Also, walking age significantly differs between children with speech<br>delay in hearing loss group and normal hearing group. Both receptive and expressive language profiles<br>show no different between the groups.<br>Conclusions : Findings have consequences for consideration motor developmental delay in children with<br>speech delay, especially in hearing loss group. So that, the findings can be a reference to consideration<br>in further management basis for speech delay interventions with and without hearing loss in children.</p> Aulia Sakinah Nyilo Purnami, Thtkl K Nuniek Nugraheni S Sulistiawati Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 143 150 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17940 Association of Plasma Interferon-a(IFN-a) with C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Level and Disease Activity in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Patients <p>Background: CRP is normal or only slightly increased in active SLE. It is presumed that IFN-α may<br>inhibit the transcription process during CRP synthesis. There is also increasing in IFN-αgene expression<br>in active SLE. This study examined the correlation of plasma IFN-α with CRP and SLE activity.<br>Methods:Forty SLE patients were included. SLAM and SLEDAI were used to measure SLE disease<br>activity. Laboratory tests were examined at dr.Soetomo Hospital Surabaya. CRP was measured using<br>immunoturbidimetry. C3 and C4 were measured by radial immunodiffusion technique. IFN-αwas<br>measured using ELISA.<br>Results and conclusion:Twenty-six patients from the outpatient clinic and 14 from wards were<br>included from August 2019 to February 2020. The median age was 31.5 years old. The median SLAM<br>score was 8.5. Mean CRP was 5.19±2.69 mg/L. Median plasma IFN-α was 46.02 (16.43-177.96).<br>Spearman correlation test revealed a moderate negative correlation between plasma IFN-α and CRP<br>level (p=0.003; r=-0.455). A moderate positive correlation was showed between plasma IFN-α level<br>and SLAM score (p=0.001; r=0.568). No correlation found between CRP and SLAM. There was a<br>strong correlation between complement levels with SLEDAI. Linear regression revealed a significant<br>association of IFN-α and C3 (not C4) level with SLEDAI.</p> Awalia Harianto Notopuro Joewono Soeroso Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 151 157 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17942 Assessment of Factors Influencing Uptake of National Programme on Immunization among People in Chanchaga L.G.A., Niger State, Nigeria <p>This study assessed the Factors influencing uptake of national immunization programme among people<br>in Chanchaga L.G.A., Niger state. Immunization has brought sound health to many children in the<br>world, reduced the agony experienced by parents during child rearing and reduced the mortality rate<br>among children. The purpose of this study was to examine cultural belief, fear of parents, religion, level<br>of service and uptake of national immunization programme among people in Chanchaga L.G.A., Niger<br>state.<br>Descriptive research design of survey type was adopted for the study. The population comprised of all<br>people in Chanchaga L.G.A., Niger state. A multistage sampling technique which consist of simple<br>random sampling technique, purposive and convenience sampling technique was used to select 384<br>respondents for this study. Questionnaire was validated by three experts in the Department of Health<br>Promotion and Environmental Health Education for data collection from the respondents. A reliability<br>coefficient (r) of 0.76 was obtained through split half method using Spearman Brown for analyzing<br>data generated. The inferential statistics of Chi-square was used to analyze the data collected for the<br>postulated null hypothesis at 0.05 alpha level.<br>The findings revealed that:<br>1. Cultural belief of people is a significant factor influencing the uptake of National Immunization<br>Programme among people of Chanchaga Local Government Area, Niger State because the calculated<br>value 271.20 is greater than the table value 21.3<br>2. Fear of parents about immunization is a significant factor influencing the uptake of National<br>Immunization Programme among people of Chanchaga Local Government Area, Niger State because<br>the calculated value 175.76 is greater than the table value 21.3<br>3. level of coverage of service of people will significantly be a factor influencing the uptake of National<br>Immunization Programme among people of Chanchaga Local Government Area, Niger State because<br>the calculated chi-square value 247.09 is greater than critical table value of 21.03 (Cal χ2 val ˃ Tab χ2<br>val)<br>The study concluded that cultural belief, fear of parents, religious belief and level of service are<br>factors influencing the uptake of National Immunization Programme among people of Chanchaga<br>Local Government Area, Niger State. It was therefore recommended among others that there should be</p> <p>sensitization programme by health workers to community leaders and indigenes in villages in order to<br>publicize the benefits of immunization, parents should be well informed by health workers or through<br>media before the start of immunization programmes to reduce the fear about immunization among<br>others.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Baba A. Dare Muhammad Ibrahim Nakadiri Kperogi, I.I Jidda K. A Abdullahi Muhammed Bukola Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 158 165 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17944 Analysis of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia Coli and its Susceptibility to Antibiotic in Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection Patients at Hospital in Province of West Nusa Tenggara <p>Objective – This study aimed to analyze the proportion of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli<br>from urine samples of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CA-UTI) patients at the General<br>Hospital at Province of West Nusa Tenggara. Also measured the pattern of sensitivity to several<br>antibiotics.<br>Methods –This study is a descriptive observational with a cross-sectional approach. A total of 60 samples<br>were used in this study. Bacterial identification was carried out according to standard bacteriological<br>culture techniques. Furthermore, the antibiotic sensitivity test following the Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion<br>method using several antibiotics, including amoxycillin (AMP), ciprofloxacin (CIP), ceftriaxone<br>(CRO), and sulphamethoxazole trimethoprim (SXT).<br>Results –The results showed that bacteria causing CA-UTI were Staphylococcus aureus (43.33%),<br>Escherichia coli (21.67%), Staphylococcus epidermidis (10%), Proteus mirabilis (6.67%), Enterobacter<br>aerogenes (6.67%), Serratica marcescens (5%), Klebsiella sp (3.33%), and Pseudomonas sp (3.33%).<br>The antibiotic susceptibility test found that 4.58%, 11.25%, 9.16%, and 3% of bacteria were resistant to<br>amoxycillin, ceftriaxone, ciprofloxacin, and sulphamethoxazole trimethoprim, respectively.<br>Conclusion –Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were the most gram-positive and gramnegative<br>bacteria causing CA-UTI, respectively. The most resistant antibiotic was ciprofloxacin, and<br>the most sensitive antibiotic is sulphamethoxazole trimethoprim.</p> BaiqIsti Hijriani ManikRetno Wahyunitisari Agung Dwi Wahyu Widodo Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 166 173 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17945 The Outcome of Limberg Flap Procedure in the Management of Primary Chronic Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Sinus Disease <p>Introduction: Sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus (PNS) is a common chronic benign disease of young age<br>group, associated with morbidity, often with a prolong loss of normal activity. Still there is ongoing<br>debate regarding the best treatment option as all the methods have complications, although; the current<br>evidence supports the use of off- midline techniques because of lower recurrence rates and avoidance<br>of all disadvantages of open treatment.This study was done to determine the postoperative outcome<br>of rhomboid excision and Limberg flap reconstruction as a main procedure in the treatment of PNS<br>disease in our institute.<br>Patients and Method: A prospective study conducted at the Department of General Surgery- Baquba<br>Teaching Hospital- Diyala- Iraq, from January 2017 to June 2019, in which 98 patients (78 male and<br>20 female) with chronic primary sacrococcygeal PNS were enrolled. The age of the patients ranged<br>between 16 – 38 years. Patients with acute abscess were first treated by incision and drainage before<br>definite surgery. Patients were operated by rhomboid excision and Limberg flap reconstruction.<br>Results: In this study, 98 patients were enrolled, 78 male (79.59 %) and 20 female (20.4%) with male<br>to female ratio of 3.9:1. The age of the patients ranged between 16 to 38 years with the mean age of<br>25 years. During the follow up period; 6 patients (6.12%) developed seroma, 4 patients (4.08%) had<br>infection and 4 patients (4.08%) had recurrent sinus after few months and one patient (1.02%) had<br>wound disruption.<br>Conclusion: Rhomboid excision and Limberg flap reconstruction of PNS diseaseis safe and reliable<br>technique with low complication and recurrence rates if performed according to appropriate surgical<br>principles.</p> Bashar Akram Al-Bayati Salah Salih Mohammed Mohamad Theyab Hamad Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 174 179 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17947 Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Regarding Child Sexual Abuse on Knowledge and Attitude of Parents <p>Background: Child sexual abuse is a serious violation of children’s rights and abuse of power. CSA is<br>a matter of global concern and occurs across all socio-economic, educational, racial, and ethnic groups.<br>There is a lack of knowledge and awareness regarding child sexual abuse and its preventive aspects.<br>Parent education regarding CSA is important for keeping children safe.The study aimed toevaluate the<br>effectiveness of information package as an educational intervention,on the knowledge and attitude of<br>parents regarding CSA.<br>Methodology: An experimental, pre-test post-test control group design was adopted for the study.<br>The setting of the study was selected schools of Bangalore. The sample included 300 parents (150 in<br>experimental and 150 in control group). The outcome variables were knowledge and attitude. The data<br>was collected using socio-demographicperforma, knowledge questionnaire and attitude scale.<br>Results: The majority of the parents in both the experimental and control group had an average level<br>of knowledge and a moderately favorable attitude about prevention of CSA. There was a significant<br>difference in the post-test knowledge(22.10±3.15 and 12.19±3.20; F = 101.33; p &lt;0.001) and attitude<br>scores (102.23±10.67; 84.23±15.18; F = 54.88; p&lt;0.001)of parents regarding CSA in the experimental<br>group when compared to the control group. Conclusion: The Educational interventionwas effective<br>in improving the knowledge and bringing a favorable change in the attitude of parents regarding CSA<br>in the experimental group. The Information package is recommended for use as a primary prevention<br>effort for educating parents on CSA</p> Bhavani Bangarkodi Balakrishna Valsamma Joseph Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 180 190 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17948 Legal Certainty of Hospital Service Operations During Pandemic Corona Virus Disease 2019 <p>Hospital is health service institution that provides complete individual health services that provide<br>inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services. In operatingservices the hospital is required to have<br>permit. Permit is granted if it meets the requirements and standards to ensure the safety of patients,<br>hospitals and health workers. The quality of hospital services is tested through the accreditation<br>process,it could not be done during pandemic. Therefore, many policies have been issued, including<br>the Circular of Health Minister No. HK.02.01/MENKES/455/2020 Year 2020. This circular facilitates<br>the permitextension but does not givedetail abouthow to maintain the hospitalquality and services.<br>During pandemic, the surge in Covid patients is not comparable to the hospitalscapabilities that are<br>different such as in the human resources and the facilities and infrastructure. Many hospitals are full<br>because they have to treat Corona Virus Disease 2019 patients, a lot of equipment, rooms and beds<br>must be added, but the health workers that workare limited so that health workers have to work extra to<br>serve patients that increase every day. This situation can cause physical and mental fatigue which over<br>time has impact on health services so that negligence can occur. So hospitals need to make protection<br>standards for health workers in addition to legal responsibility for losses caused by health workers<br>according to article 46 of the Hospital Law.</p> Brilian TitaPutri Cinderella A.N Rieuwpassa Gede Angga Dharmadiputra R. HardadiAirlangga Mokhamad Khoirul Huda Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 191 198 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17950 The Difference of EPDS Examination Results before and after Delivery in High-Risk Pregnant Woman at Unair Hospital <p>Background: Pregnancy is an exceptional condition for a woman who will become a mother. The<br>prospective mother will experience a phase to continue the offspring, and depression is a complication<br>that generally does not occur in childbirth. Objective: To determine the differencein the prevalence of<br>depression through the results of the EPDS examination before and after delivery in high-risk pregnant<br>women at Unair Hospital. Method: This research will use an observational analytic study design with<br>a one-group pretest-posttest design strategy—data retrieval using primary and secondary data, namely<br>by questionnaires and medical records at Unair Hospital. The sample in this study consisted of 23<br>multigravida pregnant women and one primigravida mother who sought treatment at the Outpatient<br>Installation of Unair Hospital in March 2021 - May 2021. Results: The prevalence of pregnant women<br>with a tendency to postpartum depression on the EPDS scores before and after delivery are 8% and<br>17%, respectively. There is a very weak positive correlation between pre-delivery EPDS scores and<br>post-delivery EPDS scores. Conclusion: There is no significant difference between the scores before<br>and after delivery in a high-risk pregnant woman at Unair Hospital.</p> Delvanny Alfikri Rekaputri Wicaksono Agustina Konginan Nalini Muhdi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 199 205 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17952 The Analysis of Personal Protective Equipment Covid-19 in The Hospital Sallewangan, Maros Regency 2020 <p>Purpose: to analyze of the use of Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment on health workers at<br>Salewangang Hospital, Maros Regency.<br>Methods: The type of research used is the analytical survey method of research conducted without<br>intervention to the research subject. Data collection regarding free and dependent variables was carried<br>out online using Google Form and the results of Google Form data collection<br>Results: Availability of personal protective equipment has a significant effect on the behavior of<br>using personal protective equipment Covid-19, Knowledge of health workers has a significant effect<br>on behavior of using personal protective equipment Covid-19, Attitudes of health workers have a<br>significant effect on behavior of using personal protective equipment Covid-19 in health workers at the<br>Salewangang Hospital, Maros Regency with a sig. 0.000<br>Conclusion: there is a relation between personal equipment on helath workers at the sallewangan<br>hospital at maros regency</p> Fetrawaty Mansyur Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 206 211 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17954 Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Cochlear Outer Hair Cell Function Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Due to Influence of Cisplatin <p>Background: Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is a type of tumor sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.<br>One of the various chemotherapy drugs is cisplatin. However, the cisplatin effects on sensorineural<br>hearing loss and cochlear outer hair cell dysfunction in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma have not<br>been evidently discovered. Objective: This research aims to prove the cisplatin effects on sensorineural<br>hearing loss and cochlear outer hair cell dysfunction in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma.<br>Materials and Methods: This research adopted analytical observation by employing a prospective<br>cohort study approach. In addition, the sampling technique implemented consecutive sampling. This<br>research was conducted at the ENT-HN Outpatient Unit (URJ) of the Neuro-otology Division of<br>Dr.Soetomo Public Hospital during September-November 2020 period. The auditory test was executed<br>by Pure-Tone Audiometry (ANM) and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission (DPOAE). Meanwhile,<br>the statistical analysis was assessed by the Wilcoxon and McNemar test. Results: This research involved<br>22 samples. The cumulative dose of cisplatin up to chemotherapy series III ranged from 260-270 mg<br>with an average of 265.45+5.10 mg. The results of the ANM test before and after chemotherapy series<br>III employing Wilcoxon test indicated significant differences in frequency of 500 Hz (p-value =0.014),<br>6000 Hz (p-value = 0.011), 8000 Hz (p-value = 0.019),10000 Hz (p-value = 0.000), and 12500 Hz<br>(p-value = 0.002). The frequency of 125 Hz with a p-value = 0.343, the frequency of 250 Hz with a<br>p-value = 0.690, the frequency of 1000 Hz with a p-value = 0.179, the frequency of 2000 Hz with a<br>p-value = 0.459, and the frequency of 4000 Hz with a p-value = 0.125 indicated no significant difference<br>witha p-value greater than 0.05. Meanwhile, the DPOAE test results before and after chemotherapy<br>series III utilizing the McNemar test demonstratedthe frequency of 1000 Hz (p-value = 1.000), 2,000<br>Hz (p-value = 0.453), 4000 Hz Hz (p-value = 1.000), 6000 Hz (p-value = 0.388), 8000 Hz (p-value =<br>0.754), and 1000 Hz (p-value = 1.000). The comparative analysis of the DPOAE test results before and<br>after chemotherapy Series 3 suggested no significant difference, with a p-value greater than 0.05 at all<br>frequencies. Conclusion: There were cisplatin effects on sensorineural hearing loss in patients with<br>nasopharyngeal carcinoma after chemotherapy series 3 based on ANM test at the frequencies of 500<br>Hz, 6000 Hz, 8000 Hz, 10000 Hz, and 12500 Hz. There were no cisplatin effects on cochlear outer haircell dysfunction in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma after chemotherapy series 3.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fira Sofia H.M.S Wiyadi Achmad Chusnu Romdhoni Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 212 218 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17955 Enucleation of Scrotal Epidermoid Cyst: Case Report <p>Background: Epidermoid cyst is one of the most common forms of blockage in the pilosebaceous<br>gland. The surgical procedure for excision of the cyst aims to prevent recurrence, however, several<br>reports suggest that enucleation can be performed with certain considerations.<br>Case:A 22 year old man who lives in Wonogiri, came to Dermatology and Venereology Outpatientclinic<br>of Dr. Moewardi General Hospital Surakarta, with the chief complaint of a lump in the scrotum. The<br>lumps appeared since 3 years ago, the size of a pea seed and accompanied by itching. The results<br>of the examination of the dermatological status of the scrotal region showed several nodules of the<br>skin color, felt dense and rubbery without any signs of inflammation. Histopathology shows a basket<br>wave type parakeratosis at the stratum corneum, while the epidermal layer shows cysts filled with<br>keratin and surrounded by squamous cells. Based on the results of the history, physical examination<br>and histopathology, the diagnosis of the patient was a scrotal epidermoid cyst, then we performed two<br>enucleation measures and found improvement.<br>Conclusion: Epidermoid cyst is a form of benign epithelial cyst that can occur in the scrotal area. The<br>main treatment to prevent recurrences is surgery, where the enucleation technique can be performed<br>with several considerations such as small size of the cyst without signs of inflammation, preventing<br>dystrophic calcification and capsule routine.</p> Halim Perdana Kusuma Nugrohoaji Dharmawan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 219 224 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17957 Role of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Evaluation of Cervical Lymphadenopathy <p>Introduction: Cervical lymphadenopathy is one of the commonest clinical presentations of patients of<br>head and neck pathologies. Metastatic cervical lymphadenopathy is a common presentation in head and<br>neck oncology. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of FNAC as a primary investigation<br>tool.<br>Aims and Objectives: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of FNAC in diagnosing<br>cervical lymphadenopathy.<br>Material and Methods: A study was conducted in the Department of Pathology and E.N.T.,<br>SIMS, Hapur, U.P., India from January 2019 to February 2020 which included 52 patients with<br>cervical lymphadenopathy presenting to outpatient clinics. FNAC was done in patients of cervical<br>lymphadenopathy before surgery or incision/excision biopsy and the results of FNAC was correlated<br>with histopathological evaluation.<br>Results: In our study 88.47.% of sensitivity and specificity of 92.03% was found on FNAC of cervical<br>lymph nodes.<br>Conclusion: FNAC remains a safe, cost effective and appropriate first line investigation though the<br>results have to be confirmed with HPE for proper evaluation and management.</p> Harsimrat Singh Abhay Kumar Singh Inderpreet Singh Oberoi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 225 229 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17958 Effect of Tamsulosin on Biomarkers after Kidney Stones Lithotripsy <p>The disease of kidney stones is one of the urinary system’s oldest and most common issues. Children <br>with kidney stones have also become more popular, In recent years. Kidney stones are also very painful, <br>and in some people, they can continue to occur. Kidney stone attacks result in over 2 million visits <br>to health care facilities . People tend to get stones in the middle of life. During midlife, family and <br>work commitments are at their height, which makes kidney stones costly. The diagnosis, treatment and <br>prevention of kidney stones and the time away from work due to stones cost approximately $5.3 billion <br>a year. To understand the effect renal some biomarkers in patients with kidney stones, before and after <br>Lithotripsy and to evaluate the effect of Tamsulosin on these biomarkers in patients. Forty patients and <br>twenty healthy persons were participate in this case-control study, Bl.urea, level of ALP, Level of KIM1, and level of Na c were investigate in serum with kidney stones patients and control healthy persons. <br>The results were shown significant elevation in the levels of KIM-1, and serum urea were decreased <br>significantly (p value &lt;0.05) while the levels of ALP and serum sodium show an improvement when <br>compared to patients who were not used tamsulosin but it’s results were statistically not significant. the <br>results were given an evidence for the crucial role of some biomarker in serum in patients with kidney <br>stones, also the effects of using tamsulosin for 14 days in patients with kidney stones who underwent <br>lithotripsy compared with those patients who were not used tamsulosin.</p> Iman A. Ismael Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 230 236 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17966 Stimulation of Growth and Development of Pandalungan Toddler in Indonesia <p>Background: The delay in growth and development is still a serious problem for both developed and <br>developing countries in the world. One of the factors that cause delays in growth and development in <br>toddlers is the lack of early stimulation of toddler development.Solving the problem of child growth <br>and development cannot be separated from the existence of cultural diversity.<br>Method: The qualitative research methods through a phenomenological approachwas chosen as the <br>approach because this study tried to explore parents’ behavior in fulfilling the growth and development <br>stimulation of the Pandalungan ethnic group.The sampling technique in this study used purposive <br>samplingParticipants in this study were 15 participants with in-depth interviews used a semi-structured <br>interview. <br>Results: The results of the research get three main themes, and each theme has a sub-theme. The <br>theme of stimulation from the family (Interaction with family, Parent’s Education, Parent’s Economic <br>and Technology).The theme stimulation from social (Interaction with neighbors and government <br>regulation). The theme Stimulation from culture and value(Cultural factors and values in society and <br>Religious factors).<br>Conclusion: The role of the family is needed in stimulating the growth and development of children <br>because it will affect the growth and development of children.Social influences and government policies <br>affect parents in stimulating growth and development. Culture and values will affect the growth and <br>development of children because children are raised in that environment, so that they must follow the <br>rules in the social environment.</p> Lantin Sulistyorini EkaAfdi Septiyono NuningDwi Merina PeniPerdani Juliningrum Ira Rahmawati Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 237 245 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17967 Social Status and Oral Hygiene with Quality of Life in Patients with Primary Hypertension <p>Background:The main problem in primary hypertension is that most people who have been diagnosed <br>with primary hypertension do not know the etiology clearly.To find out the the relation between social <br>status and oral hygiene with quality of life in primary hypertension. Methods:The type of research used <br>was an observational in a cross-sectional study design.The study was conducted in February-May 2021. <br>The number of sampling was 61 people. The sampling method uses purposive sampling technique. <br>The results of data collection were tested by using the Path Analysis test.Results: Research conducted <br>at Padongko Public Health Center in Barru Regency. Based on the results of the analysis of the path <br>analysis of social status tests on primary hypertension, the results obtained p value 0.188&gt; α 0.05, oral <br>hygiene against primary hypertension results obtained p value0.914&gt; α 0.05, this Ha obtained means that <br>there is a the relation but not significant, while social status on quality of life results are obtained p value <br>0.837&gt; α 0.05, oral hygiene against quality of life results obtained pvalue0.227&gt; α 0.05, this Ha obtained <br>means there is the relation but not significant, while the the relation of primary hypertension to quality <br>of life has a significant the relation where the results of p value 0.012 &lt;α 0.05.Conclusion: There is the <br>relation between social status and oral hygiene with quality of life in patients with primary hypertension <br>but does not appear significantly.</p> Masriadi Muhammad Fajrin Wijaya Maqh irah Amiruddin Tuti Alawiyah Nur Rahmayani Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 246 253 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17968 Diagnostic Problems in Leptospirosis Patients : A Case Report <p>Leptospirosis is a zoonosis infection found in almost every part of the world but is mostly endemic in <br>tropical and subtropical countries. In 2013 there were 640 new cases reported with 60 death cases (CFR <br>9.37%). An increase in new cases had caused an outbreak in Sampang, Madura due to a flood following <br>a high rainfall. A male patient aged 45 years old with Leptospirosis. The diagnosis was made based <br>on the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT) examination <br>data. In the early treatment, the examination of IgM and IgG Leptospira showed negative results a <br>confirmation with MAT examination was done subsequently. Diagnosis using MAT also provides <br>information about an outbreak in a region. Upon receiving antibiotic and symptomatic treatments and <br>clinical recovery, the patient’s condition continued to improve.</p> Megawati Musofa Rusli Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 254 258 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17969 Serum Levels of Interleukin-2 and Interleukin-6 among Helicobacter Pylori Positive Patients in Relation to Prognosis of Gastro-duodenal Disease <p>Background: Helicobacter pylori is the most widespread pathogenic associated with gastro-duodenal <br>Disease. Interleukin 2 and interleukin 6 are the main cytokines involved in host immune response to <br>H.pylori infection. The aim of the present study are to assess the serum level of IL-6 and IL–2 in <br>H.pylori infected patients and to study their association with gastric endoscopy findings. Methods: <br>One hundred and seven suspected patients and 19 healthy were recruited. The confirmed positivity of <br>H.pylori detection was based on a rapid urease test (R.U.T) and stool antigen test. Serum concentrations <br>of IL-2 and IL-6 were measuring by ELISA. Results: Seventy-five (70%) patients were positive for <br>H.pylori. Both interleukins were found at higher levels in patients than in healthy (p- value &lt;0.05). <br>Interestingly, the level of IL-2 was lower in patients infected with H.pylori (43.40 pg/ml) than those <br>who were not infected (85.2 pg/ml), while the level of IL-6 was higher in patients infected with H.pylori <br>(117 pg/ml) than those not infected (40 pg/ml), p-value &lt;0.05. Furthermore, the increasing levels of <br>both interleukins were correlated with disease progress.</p> Methaq M. Neamah AL-Hilfi Khairallah A.S Mohammed Naael H. Ali Ali Dawood AL-Hilfi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 259 265 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17970 Transnasal Esophagoscopy Procedure in Outpatient Clinic at Dr. Soetomo General Academic Hospital <p>Background: Transnasal esophagoscopy is a small caliber flexible esophagoscopy technique that has <br>the same as diagnostic accuracy as conventional esophagoscopy. In addition, this technique is safer <br>than any other techniques and has patient tolerance. Aims: This study aims to analyze and evaluate the <br>transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE) procedure in patients. Method: retrospectively approach was used in <br>this study by taking data from the activity register of the broncho-esophagology division of outpatient <br>unit of ORL-HNS Dr. Soetomo General Academic Hospital. TNE report book and patient medical <br>records were collected to have the data. The observation period was 2013 to 2017. Result: patients <br>who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria was 99 patients, with a male to female ratio of 2.3: 1. Most <br>endoscopic findings were normal esophagus (56.57%). Existing abnormal findings included esophageal <br>stenosis (18.18%), esophageal mucosal lesions (14.14%), and esophageal tumors (11.11%). TNE <br>examination complications were found to be 1%. Conclusion: Transnasal esophagoscopy is widely <br>used in patients aged 51-60 years with dysphagia, reflux or globus as the most common indications. <br>TNE is quite safe to do in an outpatient hospital setting.</p> Muhammad Qodri Anantomo Rizka Fathoni Perdana Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 266 272 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17971 Comparison of the Effect of Glycemic Control on the Incidence of Fetal Macrosomia and Large for Gestational Age in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Patients; A Systematic Review <p>Background: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) can be managed with blood glucose control <br>management, which includes a healthy lifestyle, insulin therapy, and oral anti-diabetic drug (OAD) <br>medications when needed. Sub-optimally or poorly managed GD Mmay lead to arisk of complications, <br>one of which is an abnormal growth in the fetus. This study aimed to compare the effect of blood <br>glucose control management on the incidence of fetal macrosomia and large for gestational age (LGA) <br>births in patients with GDM. Methods: This systematic review study obtained data from formerly <br>published studies from the Science Direct database. The article search method used the characteristics <br>of PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) and compiled using the Preferred Reporting <br>Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) method. Conclusion: The use of medical <br>nutrition therapy (MNT) and exercise in the therapeutic regimen, as well as routine monitoring of <br>glycemic levels are very important to control the patient’s glycemic level. The use of metformin can <br>increase the success of therapy due to reduced levels of LGA and macrosomia in GDM patients</p> Natasha Tiara Bernadette Budi Prasetyo Sony Wibisono Bambang Purwanto Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 273 281 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17972 Antibacterial Activity of Antimicrobial Peptide Indolicidin against Multidrug-Resistant Klebseilla pneumoniae Isolated from Patients with Burns <p>The emergence of multidrug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae has become a significant problem <br>worldwide and also being a major threat to patients with burns infections. The therapeutic action of <br>antimicrobial peptides derived from humans or animals or synthetic peptides attracted attention as <br>alternatives for antibiotics in order to treat the resistant strains especially with strains isolated from burn <br>patients. The current study investigated the role of antimicrobial peptide Indolicidin as an antibacterial <br>agent with multidrug K. pneumonia isolates from burns. The collection of study samples has taken place <br>at the period between November 2020 and completed at end of March 2021, it has included 250 clinical <br>specimens as burn swabs from inpatients with burn infections admitted in four hospitals in Baghdad. <br>The results of selective media, biochemical tests, and Vitek2 system identified 40 isolates (16%) as K. <br>pneumoniae from all collected bacterial cultures. The results of the antimicrobial susceptibility test by <br>using the disc diffusion method for the isolates under study showed that K. pneumoniae clinical isolates <br>were moderate resistant to the majority of the antibiotics tested. The majority of K. pneumoniae isolates <br>were high resistant to Erythromycin (100%) and Ceftazidime (85%), also, it was obvious resistance to <br>Ceftriaxone, Cefepime and Cefotaxime, while the lowest percentage of resistance was for Impenem <br>(25%) and Meropenem (38%). The results of minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of indolicidine <br>against (10) K. pneumoniae isolates which multidrug resistant and formed the strong biofilm, revealed <br>that range of concentrations of indolicidin was (0.7-100 µg/ml) and it was obvious that there is a <br>significant effect of indolicdin on the growth of K. pneumoniae at very low concentrations. In this <br>study, we believe that the development of these antimicrobial peptides may become a new generation <br>of urgently needed antimicrobials that can overcome bacterial resistance mechanisms.</p> Noor Ibrahim Zaidan Kais Kassim Ghaima Hayder Mazin Rasool Al-Haboobi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 282 290 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17973 The Relationship between Stress Level and Nutritional Status of Students at SMP Negeri 56 Surabaya <p>Background: Stress prevalence increases by 5% in 15-year-olds and over in Surabaya. Stress causing <br>negative effects is called distress. It may affect teenagers’ nutritional status without considering their <br>diet, leading to growth inhibition if it occurs continuously. It follows Riskesdas’s (2013) data stating <br>that 13-15-year-olds have a nutritional status of 3.3% very thin, 7.8% thin, 8.3% overnutrition, and <br>2.5% obese. Therefore, this study aimed to discover the relationship between stress level and nutritional <br>status at SMP Negeri 56 Surabaya due to its dense academic and non-academic activities. Based on <br>, several students hurt themselves using a blade due to psychological problems. Methods: <br>This study used an observational analytical study design through a cross-sectional approach. Data <br>collection was performed using the DASS-21 questionnaire and weight and height measurements, then <br>analyzed using the Pearson Correlation or Rank Spearman test. Conclusion: the stress level was not <br>related to the nutritional status of eighth-grade students of SMP Negeri 56 Surabaya, observed from the <br>current nutritional status (BB/U), past nutritional status (TB/U), and body proportion (IMT/U).</p> Rani Lauriencia Permatasari Sri Umijati Khairina Izzatul Fithriyah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 29`1 297 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17974 Meta Analysis: Relationship of Husband’s Knowledge and Support During Pregnancy with Antenatal Care (ANC) Visits by Pregnant Mothers <p>Antenatal Care (ANC) is a health service by trained health workers for mothers during their pregnancy, <br>which must be carried out routinely, according to standards and in an integrated manner. ANC services <br>are indispensable and recommended for pregnant women in order to maintain the health of the mother <br>and fetus during pregnancy, detect and treat abnormalities early and prepare the mother for safe <br>delivery. In fact, there are still many pregnant women who do not access ANC services according to <br>standards, so this situation can contribute to morbidity and mortality rate (MMR).The research was <br>conducted in November 2020 – March 2021 by searching for secondary data from two electronic <br>databases, namely Google Scholer and Pubmed (2015 to 2020). Studies were selected through the <br>PRISMA protocol and critically assessed using JBI’s Critical Appraisal Tool. Test for heterogeneity, <br>summary effect and publication bias using the JASP application version 0.14.1. Odd ratio with 95% <br>confidence level (CI) was used to calculate the effect size. From the selected data, the husband’s <br>knowledge and support factors have quite a lot of differences in research results, so it is necessary to <br>re-analyze the relationship of husband’s knowledge and support during pregnancy with ANC visits by <br>pregnant women to produce more accurate conclusions. Based on the inclusion criteria, there were 17 <br>studies that could be included in the meta-analysis, with 3.956 respondents from Indonesia, Ethiopia <br>and Vietnam. Homogeneous data with the combined OR value of knowledge of pregnant women with <br>ANC visits is 2,48 (95% CI; 2,01-3,03) and the relationship of husband’s support during pregnancy <br>with ANC visits is 2,03 (95% CI; 1,65-2,51), and there are publications biased. This meta-analysis <br>confirms that there is a significant positive relationship between husband’s knowledge and support <br>during pregnancy and ANC visits.</p> Rizka Yuli Wahyuni ZairinNoor Roselina Panghiyangan Husaini Meitria Syahadatina Noor Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 298 309 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17976 Use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in Health Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Case of Morocco <p>Background: The Covid-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented global crisis. It has placed many strains on <br>the health systems of countries around the world. They had to, among other things, fight simultaneously against <br>this pandemic, treat the affected people, preserve the rest of the population, while continuing to take care of <br>the other patients. Faced with this situation, the development of the use of ICT in health establishments is a <br>necessity today more than ever in order to limit any kind of contamination in hospitals, especially that caused <br>by the spread of covid-19 on the one hand, and to digitize the relationship between caregiver and patient on <br>the other hand. All these challenges require the availability of digital tools in health institutions and require <br>health professionals well informed and trained in this sense. In this respect, the use of digital tools and telehealth <br>(E-health, telemedicine, telecare....) is a priority step to consolidate health systems, as these new technologies <br>allow patients to receive accessible, safe and adapted virtual care.Objective: The aim of our study is to evaluate <br>the level of adaptation of the Moroccan health system to the covid-19 pandemic through the use of information <br>and communication technologies (ICT) in health facilities (hospitals and primary health care facilities), in order to <br>combat coronavirus contamination in the latter (stop contamination: professional to professional, professional to <br>patient and patient to patient). Methods: The online questionnaire technique allowed us to collect 500 responses <br>from health professionals spread over all Moroccan regions. Results: (86%) of the interviewees declared the <br>existence of a covid-19 service within their institutions, with a majority of (91%) never received training in the <br>use of ICT. (51%) of the health, professionals confirmed the absence of digital tools in the covid-19 services. <br>(87%) announced that the covid-19 services do not have applications for the registration of patients suspected <br>or affected by SARS covid-19. In addition, (79%) of the respondents expressed their dissatisfaction with the use <br>of ICT. In the same context, (72%) of the participants stated that the use of ICT can limit the spread of SARS <br>covid-19 in health facilities. <br>Conclusion: The health crisis has confirmed the importance of digitalization in the health sector. To do so, the <br>state must place digital tools at the center of its interests as a major reform project for the Moroccan health system. <br>The adoption of new technologies in the health sector can help health care practitioners to efficiently provide <br>quality care to patients in order to limit any kind of contamination.</p> Rouani Abdeljabbar Al Ibrahimi el Mehdi Lamri Driss Himmi Bennacer Elouakfaoui Aziz Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 310 318 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17979 The Role of IL-5, IL-33 and Total IgE in a Sample of Workers Suffering from Paints and Mills Asthmatic Patients <p>A case-control retrospective study was conducted during November 2020 on 88 asthmatic patients (38 <br>male mill and 50 male paints workers)with age ranged between (15-25),and 44 control with age ranged <br>between (15-25)years to assess the role of total IgE ,interleukine5(IL-5),and interleukin33(IL-33)serum <br>levels in pathophysiology of disease using ELISA and multiplex immunoblot kits. Some hematological <br>changes such as(Eosinophil and Basophil%)by Beckman coulter. The patients’ samples were obtained <br>from Nature Dyes Company Ltd in the industrial region of Aweerij Industrial, as well as Al-Dora flour <br>mill in Baghdad, which is part of the general company for grain processing. The tests were carried out at <br>the Specialized Center of Allergy in Baghdad/Al-Rusafa from October 2020 to April 2021. Specialized <br>respiratory disorders and Asthma diagnose these cases, which are clinically diagnosed according to <br>international guide lines. The present study confirms the highly significant role of total IgE and IL5,IL-33 levels compared with control in pathophysiology of bronchial asthma and it correlation with <br>disease severity and allergen type in adults. Results showed that there were highly significant increase in <br>Eosinophil and basophil % in cases asthma of paints and mills patients with control group. In addition, <br>there were a positive correlation between Eosinophil and Basophil in asthma of paints, and in asthma of <br>mills. There was positive correlation between total IgE with IL-5 and IL-33 in asthmatic group.</p> Ruaa Adnan Ali Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 319 325 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17981 The Relation between the Plasma Level of Testosterone Hormone and the Severity of COVID-19 in Iraqi Patients <p>Coronavirus disease 2019 discovered in December 2019, Wuhan, China. It was transmitted globally <br>producing the present COVID-19 pandemic. Concerns have been raised about the potential impact <br>of COVID-19 on male reproductive organs and male fertility as the number of infections in the male <br>community has increased. The objectives of current study are studying the relationship between the <br>plasma levels of testosterone and the markers of immune reaction with the severity and mortality in <br>a sample of COVID-19 patients. A cross section study included NO= 103 male patients affected by <br>SARS- CoV-2 pneumonia, diagnosed by PCR and chest CT scan, (≥ 18 years old), and recovered <br>in the respiratory intensive care unit (RICU). Several biochemical risk factors were determined Free <br>Testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were measured by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent <br>Assay(ELISA), D-dimer, Ferritin, CRP, Urea, Creatinine were measured by automated method by <br>using Abbott Architect c4000 and Complete Blood Count(CBC). The results show that the serum free <br>testosterone and SHBG levels a significant lower in non-survivor patients than survivor patients with <br>COVID-19. While the other biomarkers (D-dimer, Ferritin, Urea, Creatinine) were significant higher in <br>non-survivor patients than survivor patients. The CRP, WBC and lymphocyte showed that no significant <br>between the both group of patients. In conclusion the study showed that lower free testosterone and <br>SHBG levels enable significant role in increasing risk of COVID-19 mortality amongst adult male <br>patients</p> Rusul A. Abass Manal K Rasheed Ghassan T. Saeed Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 326 333 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17983 The Effects of Water Provision and Education on Students’ Hydration Status, Cognitive Abilities, and Fine Motor Function in A Full-Day Primary School <p>Background/aim: Dehydration due to inadequate water intake in children may disrupt brain functions. <br>This study aimed to investigate the effects of hydration education with water provision on hydration <br>status, cognitive functions and motor performance. <br>Materials and Methods: Forty-eight children in primary full-day school (age 8 – 11 years) were <br>recruited in this study. The intervention of hydration education was performed for two days, both for <br>students and teachers. The water was provision for 12 days. Letter cancellation task (LCT), symbol <br>digit modalities test (SDMT), and direct image different test (DIDT) were used to assess cognitive <br>functions. Motor performance was evaluated using a finger tapping test (FTT). Hydration status was <br>determined with urine specific gravity (USG) and urine color (UC). Before and after interventions, all <br>parameters were evaluated.<br>Results: Most students found dehydrated (&gt;65%). The students had lower USG and UC after the <br>intervention and it was correlated with each other (before; rs=0.45, P = 0.001 and after; rs=0.82, P = <br>0.001). All cognitive and motor functions were significantly higher after an intervention (P &lt; 0.05). <br>Conclusion: Hydration education to students and teachers combined with water provision at primary <br>full-day school increases hydration status and enhances cognitive and fine motor skills.</p> Saidah Rauf Santi Aprilian Lestaluhu Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 334 342 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17984 Effect of Lifestyle Modification Guidelines on Mild Preeclampsia <p>Background: Preeclampsia has an adverse effect on both mother and fetus, and may be life-threating <br>condition. Lifestyle modification can improve the clinical presentation of preeclampsia. Methods: <br>Aim of the current study was to examine the effect of lifestyle modification guidelines on improving <br>mild preeclampsia. A Quasi-experimental design was adopted on a purposive sample of 80 pregnant <br>women with mild preeclampsia at the antenatal outpatient unit in Port Said Maternity Hospital, they <br>were assigned into two groups; the study group received lifestyle modification guidelines alongside the <br>routine care and pharmacological management, while the control group received the routine care and <br>pharmacological management. Two tools were used for data collection, Interviewing Questionnaire <br>Sheet and Follow Up Assessment Sheet. Results: The findings showed that lifestyle modifications <br>guidelines lowering the mean of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, gestational weight gain, and <br>proteinuria. Also, reducing risk of delivery before 34 weeks of gestation by 10.0%, delivery from <br>34 to 36 weeks of gestation by 30.0%, altered liver function by 22.5%, altered kidney function by <br>15.0%, and cardiac symptoms by 17.5%. Conclusion: Lifestyle modification guidelines alongside with <br>routine care and pharmacological treatment are effective method in modifying mild preeclampsia and <br>its complications</p> Sally Ebrahim Rashad Ali Ragaa Ali Mohamed Abdraboo Nagat Salah Shalaby Inaam Hassan Abdelati Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 343 350 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17986 Dhikr and Prayer Guidance on Peace of Mind and Blood Pressure Control <p>Background: The Effectiveness of Dhikr and Prayer Guidance on Peace of Mind and Blood Pressure <br>Control. WHO data (2015) indicate the 1.13 billion people worldwide with hypertension. The purpose <br>of this study is to know the effectiveness of dhikr and prayer guidance on peace of mind and blood <br>pressure control in the elderly with hypertension. Methods: The research design was a quasi-experiment <br>with a pretest-posttest approach. The samples are 24 respondents. Results: The results showed that the <br>pvalue0.036 &lt;0.05 means no significant effect on the peace of mind of the elderly with hypertension in <br>the intervention group who given dhikr and prayer guidance. Pre and post blood pressure tests in the <br>intervention group obtained pvalue0.000 &lt;0.05, which means that there is an effect of the intervention <br>group variable (systole) on blood pressure. Conclusion: Dhikr and prayer instructions can be a <br>complementary therapy in overcoming mental calm and blood pressure in the elderly with hypertension.<br>We hope that the results of this study can be used as a reference material in providing therapy to patients <br>with hypertension in order to help lower blood pressure.</p> Samsualam Masriadi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 351 357 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17988 Emotional and Cognitive Impairment among Cardiac Patients - A Narrative Review <p>Cardiovascular disease is a major group of contributing 31% of global mortality rate. The lifestyle <br>changes are the key role to develop such diseases. The cardiovascular diseases are altering the life <br>style practices and need to change their routine life style. There are many related co morbidities that <br>may arise after the cardiac event. In which the emotional and cognitive co morbidities are making <br>further risk to the subsequent cardiac event. Therefore the correct and prompt treatment is needed for <br>the prevention of the co morbidities. The main aim of this narrative review is to find out the burden of <br>emotional and cognitive impairment and to find out the effect of relaxation technique on the reduction <br>of the emotional and cognitive impairment among cardiac patients. Mainly the online data sources <br>including PubMed, PubMed central, Cochrane, Medline, Google scholar were searched for the related <br>studies. The main emotional imbalance are depression and stress. In which depression is contributing the <br>major role among cardiac patients. The major pathophysiological changes after myocardial infarction <br>that lea to the emotional and cognitive symptoms are due to the reduced blood supply to brain and the <br>anaerobic metabolism. There are different complimentary therapies are there for the management of <br>the emotional co morbidities. In which the relaxation therapy is very useful therapy in the emotional <br>imbalance management.</p> Sarika M L Sasmita Das Suresh Kumar Behera Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 358 365 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17989 Molecular Detection of abaI Genes in Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated from Clincal Speciemens in Some Iraqi Hospitals <p>Acinetobacter baumannii is one of the most important causative bacteria of nosocomial infections. <br>Attention turned toward this Gram negative bacterium due to its extensive resistance to antibiotics. <br>Clinical One hundred thirty five samples sources (urine, sputum, wound burn,) were collected during <br>the period from the between from the late September 2020 to the Mid-January 2021,from patients <br>attending four hospitals in Anbar governorate which include (AlRamadi Genera Teaching ,Al- Fallujah <br>Genera Teaching and Fallujah Maternity and Children’s Hospital). Regarding to the age group factor, <br>the age group (40-49) years more susceptible to the infection is constituting 6(46.1%), followed by <br>group(30-39) years with 3(23.1%) while (20-29)(50-59) and (60-69) years with percentage at 1(7.7)%. <br>Also, the study indicated that the A.baumannii was disrupted equal in male (53.8%) and female (46.2 <br>%) with appear no significant. All specimens were cultured on culture media including blood agar and <br>MaCconkey agar. After the growth of bacteria, the isolates were identified by microscopic examination <br>as well as the biochemical tests including the manual biochemical tests that include( oxidase, catalase, <br>Simmon Citrate, Motility, Indole, Urease ,haemolysin,Lactose fermentationrowth at 44 ºC) .The <br>identification of P. mirabilis confirmed by using the VITEK-2 system. A total of 13(9.6%) isolates of <br>A.baumannii were identified,other bacteria obtained were identified as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas <br>aeruginosa, Klebsiella .pneumoniae and streptococcus spp. in percentage recorded (37%) , (22%) <br>(20.2%) and (11%) respectively. The genomic DNA of A.baumannii isolates were extracted using <br>wizard genomic DNA purification kit, the extracted genomic DNA was analyzed using 1% agarose gel <br>electrophoresis, and then the concentration and purity of the extracted genomic DNA were determined <br>using Nanodrop spectrophotometer device, to detect A.baumannii isolates by molecular methods, the <br>extracted genomic DNA of these isolates was submitted for amplification to detect the specific gene <br>Bap and abaI by the singleplex PCR assay. At the molecular level of this study, the results of PCR <br>reaction showed the presence of abaI gene in 8 (61.54%) isolates carried the gene responsible for <br>quorum sensing</p> Shahad Mahdi Salih Zainab H.Abood Al-Asady Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 366 373 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17991 Wild Strawberry Fragaria vesca L. extracts Hepatoprotective Activities Against Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Male Wistar Rats <p>Background: Administration of high-dose paracetamol had been indicated to induce several molecular <br>and biochemical cascades of hepatotoxicity. The abundant amount of ROS formation following the <br>uptake of the medication exceeds the physiologic antioxidant capacity of the body, leading to the <br>occurrence of oxidative stress. Wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca L)extractsare thought to have <br>hepatoprotective activities regarding the high activity of antioxidants contained.<br>Method: Aspartate Transaminase (AST) activity was used as a marker of hepatotoxicity. In the 10 <br>days trial, randomized samples of 24 male Wistar rats (Rattus Norvegicus) were used and divided <br>into three groups: 1 group without treatment, 1 group receiving oral paracetamol 1750 mg/kg in <br>CMC-Na suspension, and 1 group receiving oral paracetamol 1750 mg/kg following administration <br>of strawberry extract 400 mg/kg. The strawberry extract was administered from day 1 to 10, while <br>high-dose paracetamol was administered on day 9. AST activity analysis was done on day 10 of the <br>trial. Significant results were found showing an increased AST activity in the paracetamol-only group <br>(p=0.001) and a decreased AST activity in the group receiving strawberry extract (p=0.001). <br>Conclusion: Fragaria vesca L extracts were proven in vivo to have hepatoprotective activities against <br>paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity</p> Sihning E. J. T Diah Purwaningsari Nita Pranitasari Liliawanti Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 374 380 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17995 Successful Treatment with Rectal tube Placement and Barium Enema in Uncomplicated Acute Sigmoid Volvulus: A Case Report <p>Sigmoid volvulus is a condition in which sigmoid colon wraps around itself and its own mesentery, <br>which then causes a closed-loop obstruction. This condition accounts for 50-90% cases of twisted <br>large intestine and often affects adults and are commonly found in males. The classic triad signs and <br>symptoms are abdominal pain, distention, and constipation. Although the emergency resection seems to <br>be the right procedure in treating acute sigmoid volvulus, there is still non-surgical treatment often done <br>in several conditions. We reported a 52-years-old male with uncomplicated acute sigmoid volvulus who <br>underwent non-surgical treatment due to his refusal of surgical therapy. Non-surgical treatment was <br>successfully done and no recurrence found within one year. The aim of this report was to emphasize <br>that non-surgical therapy only could be successfully done without surgical treatment.</p> Stevanus Immanuel Silahooij Budi Widodo Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 381 386 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17993 The Contribution of Family Cohesion And Self-Efficacy on the Mental Health of Older Adults: A Survey Conducted in Aceh, Indonesia <p>Background: Mental illness is recognized as a critical global issue and is a critical aspect of health <br>problems, especially in older adults.Many studies analyze the correlation between self-efficacy and <br>mental health. Still, studies that analyze the correlation between family cohesion and mental health <br>among older adults in Aceh remainlimited.<br>Methods: This study employeda survey method. The survey was carried out on older adults aged 60 <br>years or more by applying a cross-sectional design with the number of samples was 483. At the same <br>time, the data collection technique was done for four months in 2019. A logistic regression test was <br>conducted for statistical analysis to answer the research hypothesis.<br>Results: The finding of this study proved that family cohesion (OR&gt; 3, p&lt;0.001)and self-efficacy (OR <br>&gt; 2, p&lt;0,001) were correlated with the mental health of older adults.<br>Conclusions: The researchers conclude that families with good cohesion and older adults with high <br>self-efficacy can support and improve the mental health of older adultsin Aceh.</p> Sufyan Anwar Sukma Elida Khairunnas Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 387 394 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17998 Soluble Antimicrobial Peptide Pyocin of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its Therapeutics: A Review Article <p>Pyocinsis a bacteriocin produced by a group of Gram-ngative bacteria that belongs to Pseudomonasspecies. <br>Pyocin is classified as a two distinct families of pyocins. (i) S-type pyocins (colicin-like bacteriocins), <br>(ii) Tailocins (high-molecular weight bacteriocins that resemble phage tails).The structure of S-type <br>pyocin is similar to that of colicin except that many S-type pyocins have three domains. Under normal <br>conditions, the expression of prtN is repressed by PrtR. Upon exposure to stress conditions, such as DNA <br>damage by chemicals or ultraviolet irradiation, an activated RecA triggers autoproteolytic cleavage of <br>PrtR, which abrogates prtN repression and leads to pyocinproduction. The outer membrane receptors <br>for three pyocins have been identified. These are FpvAI, FpvAII and FptA, all of which are involved <br>in the uptake of iron-siderophore complexes. Before being translocated through the membrane and <br>killing their target.This is becoming increasingly important as microbial imbalances in the natural gut <br>flora have been suggested to play a role in a range of chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel <br>disease, diabetes, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis.Pyocin has now been shown to have antimicrobial <br>activity againstbacteria in a biofilm is a limiting factor in the successful treatment of a range of chronic <br>infections</p> Sura Saleem Alberman EssamFadel Al-wan Al-Jumaili Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 395 403 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.18003 Anthropometric Measurement of Nasal Parameters in Adult Malay Population <p>Objectives: Anthropometry is notable for its suggestions in, human anatomy, forensic science, and <br>physical human studies. Human nose is an unmistakable rule in close to recognizable proof and is an <br>impression of uniqueness of each person. The information on nasal estimation is essential to clinicians <br>like maxillofacial specialists, craniofacial specialists empowering them in identification of typical or <br>strange changes, help with repair and reconstruction. Prosthetic recovery additionally requires the <br>capacity to envision the position and measurement of the nose inside the facial closeness. In this way, <br>the admittance to nasal information for every populace are worthwhile. The main intension was to <br>quantify the parameters of outer nose of adult Malay populace and to decide the critical distinction in <br>nose measurement among races.<br>Materials and Methods: The cross-sectional study was led on 420 people (80 Malay male, 80 Malay <br>female, 60 Indian male, 70 Indian female, 60 Chinese male and 70 Chinese female) in the age range <br>18-45 years. In this study digital caliper was utilized to identify the nasal landmarks. This research was <br>conducted that the mean of variables were statistically significant differences in nose measurement <br>scores among adult Malay population. All the average independent variables were measured and <br>compared whether differs at the same time among races and ethnic groups.<br>Results:It was discovered that nasal measurement were remarkably larger in Indian and Malay than <br>in Chinese for nasal tip protrusion, nasal height and nasal length. There were larger in Chinese than in <br>Malay for nasal width and alar base root. There were larger in Indian than in Malay for nasal width, <br>nasal height and nasal length. But there was no significant difference in nasal parameters among genders <br>of Malay populace. <br>Conclusion: Thestatisticallysignificant difference in nasal anthropometric nasal parameters were <br>found among three ethnic groups of adult Malay population. But there was no significant difference in <br>anthropometric nasal values among genders of Malay populace</p> Thin Thin Aung Kartikeya Tiwari Osama Bahaa Mahammed Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 404 412 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17999 Evaluation of Blood Parameters When Infected with Candida Albicansand Its Recovery Using Probiotics <p>Purpose: To study, blood components and some indicators of liver function were measured andCandida <br>albicans was isolated and identified from infected cows’ vagina with inflammatory signs then <br>experimentally in rabbits treated with estradiol hormone. <br>Introduction: Candidiasis is an infection caused by yeast,.Candida can multiply and cause an infection <br>if the environment inside the vagina changes in a way that induces its growth.<br>Materials and Methods: Isolation and identification of candida albicans isolate from cowʼ vaginitis <br>(40 samples), duration in November 2020 till May 2021 then treated with saccharomyces cerevisiae. <br>Candida albicans inoculums at 1.5 ×108 cell /ml, in non-pregnant vagainal’ Rabbits a weight (2 kg) <br>after treated with estradiol hormone for several days before the infection occurred. The experiment <br>was carried out in the microbiology laboratories in College Veterinary Medicine- the University of <br>Baghdad, the blood, liver parameters, and rabbits’ vaginal histology was studied.<br>Results: The Hb parameters in G2 showed higher significant differences ( 8.31±0.75107) compared <br>with G1(12.80 ± 2.42782), G3 (13.26 ± 1.465), G4 (12.46 ± 1.987), G5 (12.75 ± 2.128) respectively, <br>the effectiveness of the treatment with S.cerevisiae and its ability to return hemoglobin and liver <br>functions to its normal value and the treatment cause inhibitory effect of C.albicans infection, the <br>vagainal histological section in G4 showed narrow folding of mucosa thrown with mild MNCs infiltrate <br>LP and submucosa, no inflammatory cells seen in a muscular layer or in the serosa. <br>Conclusion: The study proved the effectiveness by using Saccharomyces cerevisiae and treating rabbits <br>vaginal infection with pathogenic Candida albicans, that Injected estradiol hormone S\C then, recovery <br>the blood and liver parameters to their normal condition, in addition, the treatment of vaginal tissue and <br>its return to its normal state</p> Umniyahqays jasim Dalia abdalkareem Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 413 424 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.18011 Impact of Dietary Ginger and Ginseng Powder in Broiler Diet on the Physiological Traits and Immune Response of Avian Influenza <p>The study aimed to investigate the synergistic effect of dietary ginger (Gn) and ginseng (Gs) powder <br>on performanceandevaluate the immune response to Avian Influenza(AI) vaccinein broilers. A total <br>of 160 unsexed broiler chicks (Ross 308) at one day- old were randomly divided to four equal groups <br>with two replicates. The chicks of the 1st group (control) were fed on a basal diet. The 2ndgroup fed <br>on a basal diet with adding Gn at (5gm/ kg feed). The 3rdgroup was fed on a basal diet with adding Gs <br>(5gm / kg feed). While the chicks of the 4thgroup were fed on a basal diet with adding Gn and Gsat <br>(2.5 gm/kg feed) of each. Immune response against AIwas measured at aged (5, 15, 25 and 35) days, <br>while hematological and biochemical tests were measuredat the end of the experiment. The results <br>showed significant differences (P ≤ 0.05) in 2ndgroup in the total protein and globulin concentrations as <br>compared to other groups and control at 35 days old. No significant differencein albumin concentration, <br>liver enzymes (ALT, AST). Also, the 2nd and 4th groups recorded a significant increase in WBC, RBC, <br>Hb and PCV%, as well as, the superiority in the Abagainst the AI at 35 days of age as compared to the <br>other groups. Finding of the current study indicated that groups which receiving dietary Gn and Gs <br>powder showed better health and higher Ab against AI disease vaccine</p> Vian A.A.M. Hussein Mushtaq T. Abdulwahid Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 425 432 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.18014 Pharmaceutical Nano-Delivery Systems: A Review <p>Nanotechnology is the science that deals with the processes that occurs at molecular level and of nanolength scale size.Reduction of drugs toxicity and enhancement of their bioavailability, biocompatibility, <br>stability and appropriate release are of high opportunities to be accomplished by size reduction, which <br>make pharmaceutical field highly interesting in nanotechnology. Formulation and preparation of highly <br>advanced nano-materials as drug delivery systems achieve the desired therapeutic objective. Current <br>review will discuss in brief types of pharmaceutical nano-sized drug delivery systems by focusing on <br>the specificity and the nature of each type.</p> Wissam S. Mahmod Essam FadelAlwan Al-Jumaili Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 433 439 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.18017 The Legal Responsibility to the Family for Shackling People with Mental Illness During the Covid-19 Pandemic <p>During the COVID-19 pandemic until June 2020, there were 277,000 mental health cases in Indonesia. <br>The number increase compared to 2019. The number of shackling due to mental illness increased <br>from 5,200 in 2019 to 6,200 in 2020. Shackling is strictly prohibited because it violates the law and <br>human rights. Criminal sanctions in Article 333 of the Criminal Code are prepared for those who <br>shackle people with mental illness. The punishment stipulated in this article is also applied to people <br>who intentionally give space to the deprivation of other people’s freedom.The program of “Indonesia <br>Shackle-Free” was launched in 2010, the target was forced to be pushed back until 2019 and remains <br>challenging to achieve. The number of shackling increases due to a lack of public understanding of <br>mental health. This paper aims to explore further the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and <br>the condition of people with mental illnesses (ODGJ) in Indonesia. Another impact of the COVID-19 <br>pandemic on ODGJ is drug withdrawal because of the disruption of drug circulation during the <br>pandemic. The allocation of health financing is also focused on dealing with the pandemic.Promotive <br>efforts are expected to eliminate stigma, discrimination, and human rights violations for ODGJ in the <br>community. Whereas, preventive efforts by developing parenting styles that support mental growth and <br>development, communication, and education in the family are expected to provide appropriate mental <br>health services for ODGJ when entering the rehabilitation stage</p> Yuna Ariawan Cempaka Dewi Ratih Wulansari Manuaba Chandranita Manuaba Mokhamad Khoirul Huda Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 440 446 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.18022 Molecular Study Using Real Time PCR to Detect Influenza Viruses (Flu A, Flu B and RSV) in Patients at Ramadi Hospital <p>Background: Because of the increasing incidence of infections with different types of influenza of<br>various types, type A, B, and SRV, this study included investigating the type of infection in influenza<br>in women and men in different age groups and making a comparison between them. Methodology: 90<br>blood samples were collected, including 30 samples for men 30 samples for women showing clinical<br>symptoms of infection, and 30 samples from people with clinical symptoms under control. These<br>samples were placed in tubes containing an anticoagulant to ensure that blood does not clot DNA/RNA<br>extraction kit, CerTest, Spanish Company and detection by Flu A, Flu B and RSV, CerTest, Spanish<br>Company by using real time PCR. Result: Table 1 shows the investigation of some types of influenza<br>in women who showed symptoms of infection and who are between 20 to 40 years old, where the<br>frequency of infection in women between the ages of 20-30 years was high with types Flu A, SRV<br>compared with control and did not show infection with type B for the same Age group . As for women<br>aged between 30-40 years, the frequency of type B infection was high compared to control, and there<br>were no infections with Flu a and SRV for the same age group .</p> Abbas O. Al.janabi Mohammed Amer Fayyadh Aseel Khalid Hameed Najeeb Mohammed Hussein Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 447 455 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.18069 Anti-Hyperlipidemia Effects of Sijukkot Leaf Extract Ethanol (Lactuca Indica) <p>Lactuca indica from Indonesia (Humbang Hasundutan) is a plant used to treat as antihyperlipidemia :<br>Cholesterol, Trigliserida (TG), High Density Lippoprotein (HDL), Low Density Lippoprotein (LDL),<br>on 28 male rats of the wistar strain (Rattus norvegicus) that have been given high-fat diets were given to<br>3 control groups, namely rats given standard feed, groups of rats given standard and high-fat diets, and<br>groups of rats given simvastatin with treatment for 21 days. The groups with different doses were 100<br>mg/kg bw, 200 mg/kg bw, 300 mg/kg bw and 400 mg/kg bw. Giving the ethanol extract of the leaves of<br>the sijukkot plant has an effect on reducing total cholesterol levels. With the analysis obtained that the<br>Shapiro-Wilk Normality Test with a sig value &gt; 0.05, the data is normally distributed. The results of the<br>analysis in the Test of Homogeneity of Variances table obtained a Sig value of 0.510. Cholesterol Sig<br>Value 0.510 &gt; 0.05; TG 0.102&gt;0.05; HDL 0.01 &lt;0.05 and LDL 0.257&gt; 0.05. Thus, the ethanolic extract<br>of sijukkot leaves gave a positive effect on cholesterol levels in the serum lipid profile of High Density<br>Lippoprotein (HDL and Low Density Lippoprotein (LDL).</p> Ida Duma Riris Saronom S ilaban Marini Damanik Nora Susanti Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-12 2022-04-12 16 2 456 462 10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.18090