Retrospective Study: Evaluating the Positioning Errors in Digital Panoramic Radiographs

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Sanjeet Singh
Inderpreet Singh
Farooq Ahmed
Arshid Baba


To produce a panoramic cardiograph with a constant image quality common errors must be kept to a minimum.
This study is conducted with an objective to analyse the most prevalent positioning and technical errors in
panoramic radiographs.
300 Orthopantomograms(OPGs) were taken from January 2020 to December 2021 in the Maxillofacial Imaging
centre and they were assessed by three maxillofacial radiologists for analysing positional errors.
Using the OHP sheet, all radiographs were viewed on a computer monitor to demarcate the ‘’6’’ Zones. Results
showed that around 52 radiographs were error free (17.3%) and 248 radiographs had errors (82.6%). The
radiographs having single positional error were 205(82.66%). The radiographs having two positional errors were
35(14.1%). The radiographs having three positional errors were 8(3.2%).
The outcome of analysis reveals that percentage of positioning errors in panoramic radiographs is fairly high
which reduces its diagnostic value. The Technicians are made aware of the errors and are instructed to double
check the patient’s position before taking radiographs.

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Sanjeet Singh, Inderpreet Singh, Farooq Ahmed, & Arshid Baba. (2022). Retrospective Study: Evaluating the Positioning Errors in Digital Panoramic Radiographs. Indian Journal of Contemporary Dentistry, 10(2), 5–8.
Author Biographies

Sanjeet Singh

Assistant Professor, I/c Head of Department, Department of dentistry , GMC, Anantnag

Inderpreet Singh

Senior Registrar, Government Dental College, Srinagar

Farooq Ahmed

Senior Resident, Department of Dentistry,Governement Medical College, Anantnag

Arshid Baba

BDS, Maxillofacial Imaging Centre, Srinagar