Impact of m Health to Improve Postnatal Visits among Postpartum Mothers in a Rural Community in Kakamega County, Kenya


  • Charles K. Ngigi
  • Justus O. Oseros
  • Anthony K. Wanyoro



mHealth;Mobile phone technology; Maternal; postnatal mother;postnatal visits.


Background: There is an increase of mobile phone use globally with Kenya being among countries with
increased usage both in rural and urban areas. Despite the widespread use of mobile phone, its use in health
delivery services such as enhancing postnatal clinic (PNC) attendance is quite low. Countries such Kenya
are exploring various interventions such as use of m health to improve the uptake of postnatal care. Postnatal
visits have been reported in many studies to be low in many countries, and this has eventually affected the
utilization of postnatal services. During the postnatal period the health care providers get opportunity to
detect maternal and neonatal health problems in order to curb morbidities and mortalities.
Objective: This study aimed to determine the effect of mobile phone in enhancing postnatal visits among
postnatal mothers in Kakamega County, Kenya
Methods: This was an experimental longitudinal and a facility based randomized control trial with a
quantitative data. It was carried among 284 eligible postnatal mothers. Systematic sampling technique was
used to recruit the study subjects. Data was analysed using SPSS version 21.
Results: There was a significant increase in attendance between control arm and intervention arm 3
(combination of SMS and voice call) by 40% in second PN, third 14% and 23% in fourth postnatal visit.
There was a significant difference in adherence to second and third postnatal visit between control and
intervention arms. We concluded that combination of voice call and SMS is 3.37 times more effective
than voice call or SMS alone. The Kakamega County government should integrate use of mobile phone in
delivery of health care services.

Author Biographies

Charles K. Ngigi

Research Scholar, PhD (Epidemiology) Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Kenyatta University,P.O Box 332 Kalimoni, Kenya

Justus O. Oseros

Lecturer, Department of Community, Kenyatta University

Anthony K. Wanyoro

Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Kenyatta University.