Association between Nurses’ Student’s Quality of Life and Anxiety of Exams in Selected Universityat KSA


  • Shereen Ahmed Ahmed Qalawa
  • Manal Tharwat Soliman



Association, Nurses’ Student’s, Quality of Life, Anxiety of Exam


Background: Anxiety is considered as a widespread phenomenon that constitutes a worldwide reason
of reduced academic achievements among students. Aim:To investigate the relationship between student
nurse’s anxiety from exams and their quality of life in selected universities at KSA. Subject and Methods:
A descriptive cross-sectional research design on 189 student nurses from HafrAl Batin university.One tool
is divided into three main parts; demographic data, and student’s anxiety levels during exams, and student’s
quality of life assessment sheets. Results: there are a statistically significant correlation between student’s
anxiety during exams and their quality of life ((p <0.001). Conclusion & Recommendations: there are
statistically significant relations were found between student’s anxiety during exams and quality of life with
their sociodemographic characteristics in item only related to the barrier faced in life for adaptation and
compliance with exams. From the foregoing conclusion, students must receive regular; periodic in-service
psychological rehabilitative program contains methods of adaptation and compliance with exams which
indirectly promote their quality of life.

Author Biographies

Shereen Ahmed Ahmed Qalawa

Associate Professor of Medical-surgical Nursing, Nursing College, Qassim University, KSA, Professor of
Medical-surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Port-Said University, Egypt

Manal Tharwat Soliman

Lecturer in Nursing Department,College of Applied Medical Science, University of Hafr Albatin, Medical Surgical Nursing, Mansoura University,Egypt