Influential Factors on the Stress Level Among Students of Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing



nursing, Stress, stressful factors, students.


Background: Stress is very common among students belonging to the healthcare domain. They are more
exposed to stressful factors than the rest of the student community. It is of extreme importance to evaluate
the level of stress among the students of the bachelor’s degree in Nursing, as well as to know the factors
involved. Method: Study quantitative, descriptive scope, and cross-sectional. The academic stress level was
measured on 332 students from different semesters of the bachelor’s degree in Nursing, through of the short
version of the “About Stress in University Students questionnaire”. Conclusion: 218 of nursing students
experienced stress levels. The average value of stress was 34.59 ± 15.49. The main influential factors on the
stress level were somatization and anxiety, followed by induced stress by third parties and workload. There
were statistically significant differences in somatization and anxiety between women and men (p<0.05). A
statistically significant influence of induced stress by third parties and life events with the academic average
(p<0.05) was found. It is necessary to consider new didactic strategies to decrease the induced stress by
workload, as well as somatization and anxiety.