Burden and Quality of Life Among Caregivers of Patient Suffering with Cardiovascular Diseases at IMS & Sum Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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Rashmipriya Rath
Rashmimala Pradhan
Mamata Swain


Introduction: Burden is a termed make use for the care-giver & it is a kind of agony, that caregiver suffers from a result of caring for the client. A family member or relative who regularly looks after the patients. Care giver may involve in personal care, financial support, helping with medical procedure, transportation etc. The cardiovascular disease patients caregivers will experience significant level of burden that influence their QOL. The main aim of the study to find out the level of burden and QOL of caregivers.
Methodology: A descriptive co-relational research design was used & purposive sampling technique were used to pick a total of 200 samples., (n=200). Self-structured socio demographic questionnaire was used to collect the socio demographic data & standardized Caregiver Burden Inventory Scale and standardized WHOQOL- BREF scale was used to collect the data in IMS & SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
Result: The study result showed the Karl Pearson’s correlation co-efficient reveals that there is burden have a significant negative correlation (-0.306, p=<0.01) with QOL. The ANOVA test & t test reveals that significant difference between burden & QOL with socio-demographic variables.
Conclusion: The present study concluded that majority are in 30-40 years age group are having high burden . Care givers require more counselling to cope-up with the burden & to manage the burden of care giving for the cardiovascular patients. QOL was worst affected due to the burden & care giving to the cardiovascular patients. The QOL of young people is more affected than the elderly due to care giving.

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Rashmipriya Rath

M.Sc. Tutor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Sum nursing college

Rashmimala Pradhan

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing,Sum nursing college

Mamata Swain

Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Sum nursing college.