Best Remedy: Effective and Safe Therapy as Guided Imagery in Cancer Patients


  • Shilpa N Kugali1 , Deelip. S. Natekar2



Guided Imagery, Relaxation, Mind, Body, Cancer Patients, Pain, Stress


Guided imagery is one of the powerful tool for relaxation of mind and body which convert into relaxed and

calm state. It is a simple, safe and self-awareness technique used for the individuals or group of persons.

Guided imagery have many health related benefits like relieve pain, nausea, stress, anxiety, lower blood

pressure so on. And also strengthen the physical, mental, emotional well-being. Method and Materials:

Different sessions, music, images, worlds, exercises is used by the therapist. The session starts with the

relaxation, breathing exercise which helps to increase the attention of mind. In the technique the practitioner

guide the clients and tell them to relax progressively of different parts of the body (Example- feat ankle,

then knees and so on). Result: According to research studies the guided imagery is an effective or supportive

therapy in Cancer patients as proved. By practicing guided imagery 20 to 30 minutes daily in their live it

relax the mind as well as reduces the symptomatic problems like pain, nausea, stress, anxiety related to

cancer. Conclusion: Guided imagery significantly reduces all the stressful stimuli and makes client with

well relaxed and calm mind. Especially cancer patient who are fighting with cancer cells in their body

showing maximum symptoms related to adverse effects of treatment. For cancer patients Guided Imagery

is a best remedy supportive treatment or technique to relief from various problems which in turn make their

life betterment with copying harmful crises.

Author Biography

Shilpa N Kugali1 , Deelip. S. Natekar2

1 Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Nursing, B.V.V.Sangha’s Sajjalashree Institute of Nursing

Sciences Navanagar Bagalkot, 2 Principal & H O D Department of Community Health Nursing




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Shilpa N Kugali1 , Deelip. S. Natekar2. (2020). Best Remedy: Effective and Safe Therapy as Guided Imagery in Cancer Patients. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 11(7), 846–850.