Oral Health Knowledge and Attitude of Students In UAE


  • Aysha Rashed Al-Suwaidi
  • Shatha Al-Sharbatti
  • Sura Ali Al-Bayati




Knowledge, Attitude, Oral health, Students.


Objectives: To assess the oral health knowledge and attitude in school students grade 7-12, in Ajman, UAE
and to identify predictors of poor oral knowledge and attitudes and to determine common barriers to oral
health care.
Method: A Cross sectional study among students, grade 7 -12, whose parents signed informed consent for
their participation. Random selection of schools and participants was done. Validated self-administered
questionnaire was employed. Knowledge and attitudes were assessed by scoring system. Official ethical
approval was obtained. Data analyzed by SPSS software. Chi- square test, Fishers’ Exact test, logistic
regression analysis and Mann-Whitney test were used.
Results: The study included 395 participants,mostly ? 13- year-old, females, UAE national, having family
size <5, with higher levels of education parents. Poor knowledge was identified in 37.2% of respondents.
Significant associations were noticed between poor knowledge and gender, family size, and dental insurance
(<0.05 for previous variables). Being females compared to males, having large family size, lower education
level father, and no dental insurance increase the risk of poor knowledge (OR=4.92, CI:. 2.08-11.63,
P<0.0001; OR=11.82, 95%CI:5.48-25.52, P=<0.0001;
OR=2.39, 95%CI: 1.38-4.12, P=0.002; OR=5.04, 95%CI:2.11-11.99, P=<0.0001 respectively). Adequate
attitude score was identified in 93.7% of respondents. The risk for poor attitude was significantly increased
with poor knowledge (OR=3.02,.95% CI:1.24-7.32, P=0.01). Discouraging parent opinion on dentist visits
was the most common barrier for oral healthcare
Conclusions: Poor knowledge is identified in about one third of respondents, and adequate attitude in most
of respondents. Gender, family size and lack of dental insurance were significant predictors of poor oral
health knowledge. Poor attitudes are determined by poor knowledge. Discouraging parent opinion is the
most common barrier

Author Biographies

Aysha Rashed Al-Suwaidi

1Researcher, Gulf Medical University

Shatha Al-Sharbatti

Professor, Community Medicine Department, College of Medicine,
Gulf Medical University

Sura Ali Al-Bayati

Associate Professor, Diagnostic and Surgical Dental Science Department, College of
Dentistry, Gulf Medical University



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