Efficacy of Bhramari Pranayama on Dyspnoea among the Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


  • Heera Jayasheela




Efficacy, Bhramari Pranayama, dyspnoea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Background: Pranayama is composed of two Sanskrit terms, “Prana” is breath or vital energy in the body
and “yama” means control. Pranayama is the practice of breath control in yoga. WHO has estimated by
2020 COPD is predicted to rank as the third leading cause of death worldwide. Dyspnoea is the common
symptoms which has an impact on quality of life in COPD patients. Complementary therapy of pranayama
is the non pharmacological management of dyspnoea among the COPD patients. The aim of the study was
to explore the impact of Bhramari pranayama on dyspnoea among COPD patients admitted in Pravara Rural
Hospital, Loni (Bk).
Method: A quasi experimental study, pre test post test with control group and evaluative approach was
accomplished for the present study. The present study was conducted in Pravara Rural Hospital, Loni (Bk).
Total 60 (study group: 30 and control group: 30) COPD patients were enrolled patients using convenient
sampling technique. The self prepared validated questionnaire and Modified Borg’s Dyspnoea score
was used for data collection. Baseline assessment was performed for both groups. During thefirst week
of admission the researcher assessed dyspnoea by Modified Borg’s Dyspnoea scale and implemented
intervention of Bhramari Pranayama sessions every four hourly twice in day till discharge. Follow up home
visit was conducted by researcher for every 15 days till 12 weeks. After intervention post test assessment
was performed after 12 weeks. The control group patients continued their routine care. Inferential statistics
‘t’-test was used to evaluate the effectives of Bhramari pranayama on dyspnoea score among the COPD
patients. Chi-square test was used to associate the level of dyspnoea score with the demographic variables
of COPD patients.
Results: The study findings revealed that in study group, there is statistically significant difference of
Modified dyspnoea scores after implementation of Bhramari pranayama training as compared to control
group. Chi-square test shows there is statistical association between demographic profile namely; gender
and duration of illness (p<0.05) level in study group.
Conclusion: The present study demonstrated that Bhramari pranayama minimized dyspnoea among the
COPD patients. Bhramari Pranayama was effective to improve the pulmonary function of COPD patients.

Author Biography

Heera Jayasheela

Professor and Vice Principal, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed to be University),
College of Nursing, Loni (Bk), Maharashtra



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