Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards COVID-19 among Undergraduate Students in a Medical College of Delhi


  • Madan Mohan Majhi
  • M. Meghachandra Singh
  • Amod L. Borle
  • Anjali Rajiv



Attitude, COVID-19, knowledge, lockdown, Practices, undergraduate students.


Background: Medical students play an important role in the prevention and control of COVID-19 by way
of disseminating knowledge regarding COVID-19 among the people. It is affected by their knowledge,
attitude and practices about the disease.
Objectives: To assess the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) towards COVID-19 in undergraduate
medical students.
Methodology: A quick online survey was carried out among 316 participants with a self-designed, structured
questionnaire in the form of goggle form. Cronbach’s alpha of the study instrument was 0.71.
Statistical Analysis: Data were analyzed by SPSS, version 25. Chi-square test, Student’s t-test, ANOVA
and post hoc analysis were done.
Results: A total of 316 participants completed the survey questionnaire. The mean COVID-19 knowledge
scorewas 18.82±2.27 and overall 90% had correct knowledge. Knowledge scores significantly (p<0.05)
differed across age-groups and semesters. In post hoc analysis, mean knowledge score in 2nd semester
students (18.11±2.55) was significantly (p<0.05) lower than that of 8th semester (19.56±1.66). Seventy
percent respondents agreed that COVID-19 will finally be controlled,77.2% had confidence that India will
win the battle against COVID-19, and 90% of the respondents agreed that hand washing with soap water
will prevent them from getting the infection. 96.2% participants avoid crowded places, 95.2% participants
wore face masks while going outside home and 97.5%frequently washed hands with soap and water.
Conclusion: In this study majority undergraduate students had good knowledge, showed optimistic attitude
and appropriate practice towards COVID-19. However, there is need and scope for improving knowledge
and practices so that every student adopts preventive and promotive measures against COVID-19.

Author Biographies

Madan Mohan Majhi

Senior Resident

M. Meghachandra Singh

Director Professor

Amod L. Borle

Assistant Professor

Anjali Rajiv

Junior Resident,
Department of Community Medicine, MaulanaAzad Medical College, New Delhi-2



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Madan Mohan Majhi, M. Meghachandra Singh, Amod L. Borle, & Anjali Rajiv. (2021). Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards COVID-19 among Undergraduate Students in a Medical College of Delhi. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(2), 190-196.