Use of Infrared Light Fomentation for Pain Relief in Postpartum Mothers with Episiotomy


  • Pavani Boddupalli



Episiotomy, infrared light lamp therapy, pain relief, postpartum mothers.


Background: Post delivery is decisive period for post-partum women who had undergone episiotomy
which is a throbbing and disquiet procedure during this time. So the aim of the study is to appraise the effect
of infrared light fomentation therapy on episiotomy wound pain relief among postpartum women.
Aim: To asses the level of episiotomy wound pain among postpartum mothers before and after infrared
1. The study participants will be selected among postpartum mothers having normal vaginal delivery with
episiotomy within 2 hours.
2. Accordingly 30 postpartum Women will be randomly selected and allocated into matched groups.
3. Written consent will be obtained from recruited Postpartum mothers.
4. Intensive Phase:
a. Twice a day until the fourth day morning infrared lamp and normal episiotomy wound care (two
spoons betadine in 4 glasses of water).
b. Best and worst levels of pain will be measured using 10 pain scale from 0(none) – 10(severe).
5. Technique of procedure: Infrared light will be placed 45cm away from the perineum and heat emitted
with 220V will be used for 10-15 minutes then pain will be assessed.
6. Appraising phase: The results will be compared for the 4 following days follow up of infrared
fomentation therapy in postpartum mothers with episiotomy.
Results: The study show that the intensity of pain decreased with the infrared light fomentation on episiotomy
had good results and pain relief is seen at the end of 4th day of follow up.
Conclusion: Post-partum women who apply infrared lamp therapy on episiotomy display faster pain relief
than those who do not.

Author Biography

Pavani Boddupalli

Facilitator, Dr Dias LuceetaAmelia Alexio, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Saveetha Medical College And Hospital, Chennai, Tamilnadu



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