Post Traumatic Orbital Decompression: Our Experience


  • Sumati Goyal
  • Danish Guram
  • Pulkit
  • Nishai Goyal
  • Harsimrat Singh



Head Injury, Proptosis, Head injury complications, Post traumatic blindness.


This study is an analysis of five cases of orbital trauma causing proptosis, paralysis of extraocular muscles
with or without associated visual failure. All the cases were treated by a ENT and Neurosurgical team. Either
a frontal craniotomy or a lateral orbitotomy was performed. Plain X-rays of the skull and Computerised
Tomography (C.T. Scanning) were the main investigations. Results were encouraging both functionally and
cosmetically. Early diagnosis and an aggressive approach to orbital decompression can achieve good results.

Author Biographies

Sumati Goyal

Post Graduate

Danish Guram

Post Graduate


Post Graduate

Nishai Goyal

Post Graduate

Harsimrat Singh

Senior Resident, Department of Ent, Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences And Research,
Bathinda, Punjab



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Sumati Goyal, Danish Guram, Pulkit, Nishai Goyal, & Harsimrat Singh. (2021). Post Traumatic Orbital Decompression: Our Experience. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(2), 365-367.