Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Sex Education among Adolescents of Kolhapur


  • Supriya Altekar
  • Milind Sanade
  • Shubam Gavandi
  • Janaki Shinde



Adolescent, Pregnancy, Sex education.


Background: During adolescence knowledge regarding puberty, reproduction, pregnancy and sexual health
is very limited. The lack of knowledge and being sexually active during this phase increases the risk of or
sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
Objectives: To assess the knowledge and attitude regarding sex education, to determine its association with
demographic variables and also to assess the correlation between the knowledge and attitude regarding sex
education among the adolescents of Kolhapur.
Methodology: A total of 109 adolescent students from two randomly selected junior college were enrolled
for this quantitative survey research. The students of any stream within the age group of 16-19 years and
willing to participate were involved. Questionnaire was used to collect data regarding demographic data,
knowledge and attitude regarding sex education. Answers given by participants were evaluated and analysed.
Descriptive analysis was done in MS Excel(2016). Chi square test was used to assess the associations in R
software (version 3.6.1).
Results: Twenty-eight percent participants had adequate knowledge. Most participants either given incorrect
answers (35%) or responded as they don’t know the answer (37%). Majority of participants held uncertain
attitude (66%) Knowledge of the participants were significantly associated with education (P=4.11E-08),
stream of education (P=1.54E-05) and their residential area (P=7.93E-06). Attitude was not significantly
associated with any of the demographic variables (P<0.05). No significant correlation was found between
knowledge and attitude towards the sex education (r= -0.0224; P=0.8250).
Conclusion: There was a considerable lacunae in knowledge and the attitude towards sex education.
Therefore, there is need to increase awareness about sex education among the adolescents.

Author Biographies

Supriya Altekar

Final Year PG Students

Milind Sanade

Final Year PG Students

Shubam Gavandi

Final Year PG Students

Janaki Shinde

Professor and HOD, Dept. of Child Health Nursing, D.Y. Patil College of Nursing,
D.Y. Patil Education Society, (Institution Deemed to be University), Kolhapur



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Supriya Altekar, Milind Sanade, Shubam Gavandi, & Janaki Shinde. (2021). Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Sex Education among Adolescents of Kolhapur. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(2), 368-372.