Time Dependent Oral Microflora Changes in Removable Partial Denture Wearers


  • Tanaya
  • Pankaj Dhawan
  • Piyush Tandan
  • Pankaj Madhukar
  • Shakila Mahesh
  • Meena Jain




Oral Microflora, Denture Stomatitis, Removable Partial Denture, Oral candidiasis.


Background: Denture prostheses are significant interventions in oral environment for restoring lost form
and function due to tooth loss. Little is known about change in microflora in removable partial denture
wearers with age and time since denture delivery. Therefore, the present study was conducted to evaluate
and compare the oral microbial flora pre and post insertion of removable partial denture at different time
intervals and age groups.
Materials and Method: A sample of 60 patients wearing removable partial denture was included in
the study, 30 of age group 40-50 years (Group 1) and 30 of age group 50-60 years (Group 2).Sample of
unstimulated saliva was collected from the patient’s mouth from the distal most edentulous area using three
sterile cotton swabs by one investigator. Colony count and identification of microorganisms was done.
Results: The difference among mean colony counts between group 1 and 2 were not statistically significant
at any of the three timeintervals. A statistically significant difference in colony counts was seen between
baseline, 1 month and 3 months in whole sample as well as both the age groups. Among various aerobic
microorganisms, Streptococcus mitis, Diphtheroids and Candida Albicanswere the most prevailing aerobic
micro organism after 3 months of denture use, while among anaerobic organisms, Prophyromonasgingivalis
was the most prevalent microorganism after three months.
Conclusion: A significant difference in colony count as well as colonizing microorganisms has been found
in the present study. This difference according to time is an important component in the affect of removable
partial denture on oral health of denture wearers. Age group was not a significant factor affecting microbial
health in RPD wearers.

Author Biographies


Post Graduate Student

Pankaj Dhawan

Professor and Head

Piyush Tandan

Professor, Department of Prosthodontics

Pankaj Madhukar

Professor, Department of Prosthodontics

Shakila Mahesh

Head, Department of

Meena Jain

Associate Professor and Head, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Manav Rachna Dental
College, MRIIRS, Faridabad



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Tanaya, Pankaj Dhawan, Piyush Tandan, Pankaj Madhukar, Shakila Mahesh, & Meena Jain. (2021). Time Dependent Oral Microflora Changes in Removable Partial Denture Wearers. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(2), 373-380. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijphrd.v12i2.14161