Impact of Age and Residence on Ideal Body Image of Manipuri Women


  • Keisam Nomita
  • MC Arun



Body image, Multidimensional body-self relation scores, Age, Residence.


Background: The people have been bestowing importance on body shape and its mould of beauty from the
ancient times. However, it varies within and between societies according to their perceptions, socio-cultural
milieus, biological and mental predispositions, environmental causes, etc. Such human fancy on their ideal
body image is still being differed between sexes, person to person, urban to rural, young to old, etc.
Aims and Objective: To identify the impact of age and residence of women on their ideal body image in
terms of multidimensional body-self relation scores of Manipuri women, India.
Method: The present study is based on a primary sample of 388 Manipuri women and its size was estimated
on the prior information i.e.,mean±SD = 2.67±26.81 of body image with an allowable error of 2.7 at 95%
degree of precision. A well-validated Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire (MBSRQ),
developed by Brown A, Cash, Mikulka (1990) is administered as tool of the study and its scores are ascribed
by the two important predictor’s viz., age and residence.
Results: It is found that all the means of multidimensional body-self relation scores are very highly
significantly varied (P< 0.01) over the four age groups except for health evaluation scores (P=0.057). Urban
women have better scores in nine body-self relation (appearance evaluation score, appearance orientation
score, fitness evaluation score, fitness orientation score, health orientation score, illness orientation score,
BASS score, self-classified score, and perceived dating partner score) out of the ten relations considered
than that of their counterpart rural women while it is just reverse in health evaluation score.
Conclusion: The result highlights that age of the woman as well as her residence have definitely certain role
towards the regulation of their multidimensional body-self relations.

Author Biographies

  • Keisam Nomita

    Research Scholar

  • MC Arun

    Professor, Department of Anthropology, Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal, Manipur




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