Pervelance and Risk Factors of Pem among Under Five Children in Urban Slum Areas of Kolhapur City


  • Anupam P. Kamerikar



protein energy malnutrition, under five children, prevalence, risk factors


Background: PEM refers to an imbalance between the supply of protein energy and the body’s demand
for them to ensure optimal growth and function, According to WHO. It is a major public health problem in
India & leading cause of death in children in developing countries. This affects the child at the most crucial
period of time of development, which can lead to permanent impairment in later life. It includes kwashiorkor
(protein malnutrition predominant) marasmus (deficiency in calorie intake) marasmic kwashiorkor (marked
protein deficiency and marked calorie insufficient signs present, sometimes referred to as the most severe
form of malnutrition.
Objectives: To assess the prevalence & risk factors of PEM among under five children’s in urban slum areas
of Kolhapur city.
Methods: A descriptive survey, one group pre test only research design was used, which was consisted a
group of 210 samples that were selected by using probability simple random cluster sampling method. Data
were collected by using nutritional assessment tool consisted of weight of the baby, degree of malnutrition and
check list on risk factors of PEM. Data was analyzed and tabulated by descriptive statistics. A informational
booklet was prepared and administered based on collected data.
Result: The result showed that, out of 210 under five children’s, majority of participants 97 (46.19) were
in 1st degree of malnutrition, minimum 1 (0.47%) were in 3rd degree & 55 (26.19%) were in 2nd degree of
malnutrition and remaining 57 (27.14 %) participants were in normal degree of malnutrition. Majority of
under five children’s 18 (8.57%) were having poor sanitation condition as risk factor & minimum 1 (0.47%)
were having more than 3 children’s in family as risk factor.
Conclusion: The study concluded that, there is an emerging need to provide informational booklet on PEM
to the parents of under five children’s so as to prevent PEM.

Author Biography

Anupam P. Kamerikar

Assistant Professor, Department of Child Health Nursing, D. Y. Patil College of Nursing, Kolhapur



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